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The Michigan phase of the Franken-6 CGT project has completed and "Rocinante" now resides with me at home in southern Maryland. Anyone one who lives nearby and could use some help - just PM me. I've had and maintained my LBCs for forty years. And, just like everyone here, I'M STILL LEARNING!

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1968 Triumph GT6 Metallic Blue Jim Moscardini

1968 Triumph GT6
2003 Jaguar XKR Black Jim Moscardini

2003 Jaguar XKR

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 278,000 mi (447,398 km) — Average age: 1986

Member Journal – Jim Moscardini's Franken-6 CGT

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The Transmission - OM(friggin)G!!!

Posted on: Wednesday May 6, 2015

All the King s Horses and All the King s Men

Because of the total time this project has taken and the months between sessions, the opportunity was there for many new ideas to creep into my mind. However, almost from the get-go a 5 Speed Tranny was on the wish list. I had briefly looked into going with an overdrive, but complexity and reliability nixed the idea. I first looked at the ford T5, but there were so few in this country that I didn’t like the odds. The T58 unit required too many chassis modifications. The Ready-to-Bolt-O...

First Fire! (Be Still, My Heart)

Posted on: Tuesday June 23, 2015

Beautiful Triple CD150s Wrapped Painted 6 into

"IT'S ALIVE!" (to quote my mentor and idol, the venerable Dr. F.) This was a HUGE weekend for the Franken-6 project. First: we successfully got the chassis and power train down the ramps from the loft without killing anyone. This is NOT guaranteed! (I'd previously almost been crushed/maimed at least twice) Second: It Lives! We actually got the engine started - the same engine that has been in the works for years. Of course, this was not without some misadventure (When the Hell do we do ANY...

Body Work - The Bonnet & Tail

Posted on: Sunday May 3, 2015

OK I think I can stop taking the car apart now

Bonnet Personal taste: While I’ve preferred the MK1 and MK2 looks over all, I always had this sense that the little round lights up front seemed like an afterthought. I wanted to change to a more contemporary fixture. And the wing’s sides were a bit barren, so some MK2 gills offered a quick (?) solution. Once again, bizarre coincidence struck and I found someone LOCAL who had two MK2 bonnets. Both were trashed, but one had good wings and chins. I used the totally trashed one to prac...

The Engine

Posted on: Sunday May 3, 2015

First piece is IN I ve never built an engine b

When I first considered modifying the engine, all I had intended was putting a MK2 head on my MK1 block for its improved breathing. I had much to learn about our engines yet (ya think?!). But by the time I realized that idea was improbable (at best), I’d already bought the head. In the interim years, I had also run across pictures of the Triple ZS150 set-up. I loved the way it looked and tracked down the manifolds to Richard Good at My prior experience with additional carbu...

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