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Latest post by Doug in Vegas
Down the rabbit hole I go.
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 1h 4m 46s ago
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Latest post by Vegaman Dan
23 posts
Latest post by The REAL Skip
TR 6 prices
Reply in the TR6 Tech Forum, 1h 15m 34s ago
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Latest post by twomanytriumphs
4a Trail'n Arm ...color ?
Reply in the TR4 & TR4A Forum, 1h 18m 24s ago
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8 image(s)
25 posts
Latest post by Doug in Vegas
Mechanical advance question
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 1h 40m 32s ago
15 posts
Latest post by Doug in Vegas
Cooling Q + New Shoes
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 1h 50m 25s ago
14774 posts
Latest post by Doug in Vegas
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Latest post by 14GPDJENGINEERING
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Latest post by 14GPDJENGINEERING
66 posts
Latest post by ras111
Calling all SU carb experts
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 2h 18m 55s ago
19 posts
Latest post by bobm
Starting engine after rebuild
Reply in the TR7 & TR8 Forum, 2h 33m 16s ago
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Lil' Red Fox"
Registry updated by Doug Walls   Silver Member
107 posts
Latest post by gozto11
surrey top
Reply in the TR5 & TR250 Forum, 2h 45m 23s ago
Wed June 13, 2012
TRExp Library
Servicing The Lucas Wiper Switch
Article new comment or rating by Wray Lemke   Gold Member USA
18 posts
Latest post by Jerrywar
83 posts
0 image(s)
Wiring & Radius Arm Bracket
Journal post updated in David P's Journal   Silver Member USA
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George Toth
New member from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA   USA
26 posts
Latest post by carpecursusII
Yellow striped radiator hoses
Reply in the TR5 & TR250 Forum, 3h 59m 1s ago
9 posts
Latest post by spitfire50
Triumph gt6 no spark
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 4h 27m 9s ago
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Latest post by spitfire50
New topic by kayjh
No responses yet — Post a reply
TR6 Steering Wheel
New topic in the TR6 Tech Forum, 5h 2m 49s ago
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Gavin Harris
New member from Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand   NZL
70 posts
Latest post by Bugeyegal
I'm almost there!
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 5h 15m 30s ago
15 posts
Latest post by J.P.Rap
What's this hole for?
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 5h 29m 9s ago
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Latest post by dsixnero
20 posts
Latest post by atgordon
6 posts
Latest post by CJD
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Latest post by j007
Reply in the TR6 Tech Forum, 6h 19m 57s ago
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Latest post by NHinNC
Carb gasket/oring
Reply in the TR6 Tech Forum, 6h 24m 44s ago
47 posts
Latest post by lemonchello
How's the 1147 engine?
Reply in the Spitfire & GT6 Forum, 7h 5m 56s ago
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Andy Knight
New member from Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK   GBR
26 posts
Latest post by clshore
"Six forever"
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Paul Blauser
New member from Elk Grove, CA, USA   USA
New topic by 1951biker
No responses yet — Post a reply
for sale [PA, USA]
New topic in the Buy, Sell & Trade Forum, 8h 9m 38s ago
465 posts
2 image(s)
Moving Day For The '57 MGA
Journal new comment on Eric O's Journal   USA
No photos yet
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Julius"
Registry updated by Tim Patton
1 posts
4 image(s)
Journal post updated in Bill Killion's Journal   USA
1981 Triumph TR7 Drophead "TR7(?)" For Sale   USA
Registry updated by John Walsh
465 posts
4 image(s)
Heater And Wiper Mechanism
Journal post updated in Eric O's Journal   USA
1959 Triumph TR3A
Registry new comment or rating
No photos yet
1974 Triumph TR6 "Machine"
Registry new comment or rating
Thu February 6, 2014
TRExp Library
SU Fuel Pump Troubleshooting Guide
Article new comment or rating by Dave DuBois   Gold Member USA
Sat April 27, 2013
TRExp Library
Awakening a Sleeping MG
Article new comment or rating by Tony Barnhill   USA
Sun May 8, 2011
TRExp Library
BMC/BL Paint Codes and Colors
Article new comment or rating by Skye Nott   Webmaster CAN
Sun April 2, 2006
TRExp Library
Leather Care for Classic Cars
Article new comment or rating by Rick Lindsay   USA

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Triumph Information in a Nutshell

From humble beginnings as a bicycle manufacturer, Triumph began building motorcycles in 1902. In 1921 Triumph acquired the Dawson Car Company and began building automobiles beginning with the 1.4L Triumph 10/20. In the 1930s they changed their name to the Triumph Car Company, and spun off the motorcycle division into its own company in 1936. Donald Healey was the Experimental Manager from 1934 until 1939, when T.W. Ward purchased the company and placed Healey in charge as general manager. The company produced several models including the Gloria and the Dolomite during this time.

After WWII, the company merged with the Standard Motor Company to form Standard-Triumph and once again started automobile construction, building one of the most modern car assembly plants in the world in 1959 at Canley for the new Triumph Herald. The Standard-Triumph company was eventually bought in 1960 by Leyland Motors Ltd for the sum of £20 million. The last Triumph model was the Acclaim which was introduced in 1981. Many iconic British sports cars were produced by Triumph in the 1960s and 1970s, including:

  • TR3 (1955-1957), TR3A (1957-1962)
  • TR3B (1961-?) with 2,138cc inline 4 engine and all synchromesh transmission
  • TR4 (1961-1965) with 2,138cc inline 4 engine, roll-up windows, full synchromesh, rack & pinion steering and optional hardtop with integral rollbar.
  • TR4A (1965-1968) an evolution of the TR4, with updated chassis and independant rear suspension (IRS)
  • TR5 (1967-1968) similar to the Michelotti TR4, but featuring a 2.5L straight 6 fuel injected (PI) engine developing ~150bhp that was carried forward into the TR6. Standard equipment included front disc brakes, independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering and a four speed gearbox.
  • TR250 (1967-1968) identical to the TR5, except fitted with twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors, delivering 111 bhp (81 kW).
  • TR6 (1969-1976), the iconic TR sports car, with a 2498cc inline six-cylinder engine, carburetted for the US and featuring Lucas mechanical fuel injection for the home market. Featuring a four-speed manual transmission, optional overdrive, independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, fifteen inch (381 mm) wheels and tires, pile carpet on floors and trunk/boot, bucket seats, disc brakes front, drum brakes in the rear. Frame construction.
  • Spitfire (1962-1981), a classic and popular two-seater sports car designed by Michelotti that went through 5 revisions during its long run as Triumph's best selling sports car.
  • TR7 (1975-1981) and TR8 (1978-1981) aka the "wedge", with a 1998cc inline 4 and 3528cc V8 respectively, the last cars produced by Triumph.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive – for more information, please visit the Model Information pages.

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