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djg29 John Gallagher

John Gallagher

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1971 Triumph Spitfire MkIV Red John Gallagher

1971 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 95,300 mi (153,370 km) — Average age: 1971

Member Journal – 1971 Spitfire MKIV - An Adventure

There are 5 total entries in this Journal.

Problem Solving

Posted on: Wednesday August 19, 2009

We've enjoyed some nice runs in the Spitfire, always being very cautious and listening for noises and such. Over the weekend we did a 30 mile run on Saturday morning and a 40 mile run on Sunday morning. No problems. While I got used to the difficult gear shifting, my wife didn't and it took away from the fun of driving the car for her. Therefore this is one of the jobs I tackled this week. Upon reading about a similar problem someone else had on the forum I decided to disassemble the gear shi...

By Degrees....

Posted on: Friday August 14, 2009

Seeing as I was standing looking at it I decided to get rid of the torn top and to rip out all the moldy and torn vinyl behind the seats. For now we don't intend to drive this car in the rain, so I'm not too worried that a new top will cost almost $400. With the frame and bolts safely stored I rip out all the moldy and ripped vinyl on the side panels, wheel wells, and rear gas tank cover. It looks better already, but since I have a roll of brown pleather lying around I buy a can of spray adh...

Creating The To-Do List

Posted on: Friday August 14, 2009

Okay, so here's a list of all the things that I can find in need of attention: The Ride: Terrible - the back of the car is all over the place, even in a straight line. New tires and rear shocks must be put on asap. Gears - The gears are difficult to find and change, but they are all there and they all work. Downshifting from 3 to 2 is particularly hard to do. Practice will help, but I'm sure other Spitfires aren't as bad as this. I'll change the transmission fluid and see if that helps. See...

The Plan

Posted on: Friday August 14, 2009

The reason we got this car is so that we could take short cruises on secondary roads. We've no plans to take this on long trips on I95. Also, at this stage we're not looking to make a show piece out of this car. We just want it to be safe to drive and to be fun. It's almost as old as we are....and I ain't in the shape I was a few years ago either. Finally, in addition to a car I bought a hobby. I want to take my time and enjoy tinkering with this car, enjoying each enhancement, and learning fro...

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