Registry: 1967 Triumph GT6 MkI

Bill B's 1967 Triumph GT6 MkI
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Purchased in 1972 by my eldest brother from the original owner. He drove the car for a few years before attempting to restore the car. His efforts stalled after beginning to dismantle the car and partially stripping the paint. My brother passed away several years ago and I was offered the car by his widow. I plan to restore the car per my brothers wishes. The car has not been driven since 1975.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Bill B   [agilous]
Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA USA
Status: Repairs in progress

Model Year:1967
Original Colour:Valencia Blue
Current Colour:British Racing Green
Odometer:76,277 miles
Engine Type:1996cc 6 cylinder
Engine Code:5911KC
Last Updated:2016-10-22 01:36:13


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2016-10-22 01:04:13 # 37971
Comment by James D
If you need a rear hatch, I have two spares!
2016-10-22 01:24:07 # 37972
Comment by Bill B
Thanks James. Believe it or not, the hatch is in there under the two doors but I'll keep your offer in mind worst case.Your '67 looks pretty sharp. Love the Union Jack under the bonnet.
2016-10-22 04:15:36 # 37975
Comment by James D
Thanks Bill, and good luck with your restoration. I did the Union Jack with spray paint, then clear-coated it with the rest of the car. It's held up just fine! I may need to look for an original steering wheel like you have there. They seem hard to find; my car had what looked to be a TR4 wheel when I dragged it from the wrecking yard.
2016-10-24 21:28:36 # 38029
Comment by Bill B
WooT! Found out this weekend that I have all the window glass, especially the windshield and rear hatch. Phew!
2016-10-25 01:39:08 # 38037
Comment by Norm W
What were your brothers wishes for restoration? All original or modified? Also let me know if you kneed any help regarding body work. I have close to 20 years under my belt (started professionally in '97) with a major emphasis on and passion for restorations.
2016-10-25 08:34:59 # 38044
Comment by Bill B
Thanks Norm W. I spoke with his widow this weekend to see what he had shared with her regarding the restoration. She provided me with a copy of a notebook he left in which he jotted down some "thoughts" but they appear to be mostly issues to consider before proceeding with the restoration and nothing specific about going back to factory or maintaining the current color/interior (BRG w/black leather) scheme.In the end, she (and I) believe that his main focus was getting the car back on the road. Budget balanced against the resulting value of the car will likely determine the direction. I'd love to pour a ton of money into it but I don't wanna spend $50K for a car that will have a street value of around $12K.Any advice is great appreciated and gratefully received.
2016-10-25 17:03:25 # 38050
Comment by Mihael Rogers
If you just want to pimp it up and flip it save your energy, invest it in growing grass and sell it to someone that cares! there's lots of DIY work there but someone has to do it. Brit cars were made so the owners could maintain them, there's lots of books around about how to do it!MichaelTR-3TR-7TR8TR-10Spit Mk1Spit1500GT6+ race carTriumph FJ

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2016-10-22 01:36:13

Changes from 2016-10-22 01:36:13 to previous 2016-10-22 00:50:15
Engine Type added   1996cc 6 cylinder
Changes from 2016-10-22 00:50:15 to previous 2016-10-22 00:44:02
Engine Code added   5911KC

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Apr 11, 1972 Bill B  USA Added to Registry (ID 35920)

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