Registry: 1966 Triumph TR4A

Rut Rutledge's Gold Member 1966 Triumph TR4A
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1966 TR4A project.
This is an abandon project out of Florida I recently purchased, but I also purchased 3 more cars, so I am not going to be able to get to it in a reasonable amount of time.
Previous owner put in a new floor on the drivers side and patched the battery tray area.
The front left inner rocker needs a 12 inch patch.
The frame has areas where patches have been welded in.
Recent paint job, but not the greatest. All the fenders, trunk, and hood, look to be in excellent condition. The price of these parts cover the asking price.
The motor , I was told had been rebuilt. It turns, I haven't tried to start it.
Lot of parts in boxes. I have a nice grill, metal dash and wood dash, folding top, old interior, seats. I have all the gauges.
The A emblem is missing on the trunk.
New Parts:
Center Plinth, L.H. Inner rocker
Come take a look , car is in Greer, SC

Vehicle Information

Owner: Rut Rutledge Gold Member   [Perdido]
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL, USA USA
Status: Restoration in progress

Model Year:1966
Current Colour:DARK BLUE
Last Updated:2016-11-08 13:18:57


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Member Comments on Registry: 1966 Triumph TR4A   ↵
2016-07-01 08:28:11 # 35496
Comment by Tom Allardice
Hi AlanDid you sell the car?Tom
2016-07-01 16:48:58 # 35509
Comment by alan salvatore
I still have the car.The shop has been jammed and I haven't been able to put it on the lift for pictures.
2016-07-05 11:00:47 # 35578
Comment by alan salvatore
I have additional pictures of the frame and inside of car.Please send email address for pictures
2016-07-05 11:41:47 # 35579
Comment by Tom Allardice
Thanks Alan, you can email me at: tomatr250@gmail.comRegardsTom
2016-07-12 23:08:58 # 35749
Comment by ryan O
Is this IRS TR4a or Non-IRS? I'm guessing by 1966 they were all IRS. Looking for non IRS car.
2016-07-13 07:27:14 # 35751
Comment by alan salvatore
It is IRS.
2016-07-31 13:49:26 # 36222
Comment by Rut Rutledge
Alan,Could you please email pictures of the frame, engine compartment, interior, rockers, a& B pillars? I'll pm my email address. Thanks, Rut
2016-11-07 19:16:45 # 38311
Comment by Paul Morro
Hi Alan, Is the TR4 still for sale?Paul Morro
2016-11-08 13:28:53 # 38326
Comment by alan salvatore
The car is here.
2017-01-03 15:39:41 # 39466
Comment by Bob K
Hi Alan. Wonder if your interested in selling couple of seats?
2017-07-05 09:25:15 # 43313
Comment by Rut Rutledge
Alan, could you please transfer this car?Thanks, Rut

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2016-11-08 13:18:57

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Jul 5, 2017 Rut Rutledge  USAGold Member Owner Transfer
May 6, 2016 alan salvatore  USA Added to Registry (ID 33702)

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