Registry: 1968 Triumph TR250

Richard Martin 7346459824's 1968 Triumph TR250 – “Green Meanie”
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“Green Meanie”
Green Body, Tan Interior
Paint 25 Trim 11
Jan 1 1968
Mileage 44254
I Last Drove Car 70+mph on May 10, 2014

Email is best, include your name, phone # etc.
or call Richard 734 645 9824
I am in Ann Arbor, MI. USA (West side of AA)

Here is your chance to own a great looking, unique, fun affordable classic British roadster.

I have updated the information and have compression numbers now 160-165 for all 6 cylinders. I updated the phone number etc. And now have better pictures, descriptions, (underside, trunk, under hood, pix etc.) to help do this the right way without folks getting incorrect information.

Hagerty might estimate this as a class 3 or 4 car. It has green exterior and tan interior. You can go to their website to see their value approximation for the car.

They have great car evaluation overviews on their site to help you.

I have been able to spend some time driving the car the last few months and and got more and better pictures. Its been a blast. I can now better help potential buyers. People have called with many questions and I wasnt prepared to answer them correctly, so I clearly need to do some homework to properly communicate about both cars.

Ideally we want to sell both cars as a package deal for 1966 TR4a (94K miles) and 1968 TR250 (44K miles). Its hard to assess the right value for the TR250 since it was clearly restored before my family bought the car ~1994.

Anyone that is interested in taking both cars for a fair market price will help us take care of everything at once. I have better pictures of all the TR250 parts on the car as well as all the TR4a parts that are stored in the attic.

The 1966 TR4a seems like a condition 5-7 type car and might only be worth $2K-$4K for the TR4a due to lots of parts, 5 doors, 2 trunks, 2 hoods, etc. the frame/body is rusty even if the fenders etc. are ok. Therefore, my selling price is negotiable and I am trying to do the right thing for my family and the buyer. For convenience to us we would like to find one buyer for everything (ie the deal could include the TR250 and include TR4a parts and car and lots of spare doors, hoods, fenders, guages, etc.) As you know owners of TRs hoard parts,...just in case.

TR4a was driven hard by my dad in the 1960s/early 1970s. IN, IL, OH, year round...rusty chassis/frame. But all parts are off the car and ready for restoration with lots of spares.

But the TR250 he purchased ~1994 wasn't driven hard and only during the sunny/warm weather. It was definitely worked on and fixed up before we got it. In the last 20 years we had brakes, water, pump, fuel pump, petronix ignition, etc. One receipt showed over $3k done on carbs, brakes, etc in 2010. Decent sony stereo head unit and custom speaker box on rear parcel shelf. (my brother and I in 2011)

With the better documentation I have now, I can help you understand both cars that are now available for your consideration. I need to do the right thing for my family and I dont want to deceive buyers nor get swindled by unscrupulous car flippers (you know them when you speak to them)
Thanks for your understanding.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Richard Martin 7346459824   [TR250TR4a]
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1968
Original Colour:GREEN
Current Colour:Green
Odometer:44,254 miles
Body Code:3865cc cd3838
Engine Type:Straight 6 2.5L
Last Updated:2014-07-09 10:12:22


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Member Comments on Registry: 1968 Triumph TR250   ↵
2014-05-12 14:53:48 # 17021
Comment by steven archuleta
Richard, this is Steven Archuleta and I am interested in your TR250. I would like to know if you have additional photographs of the engine compartment and of any rust or other potential issues. I am interested in the TR250 only, I don't have a desire for the TR4 as I already have a 73 TR6. I am interested in the 250 because that model is the first Triumph I owned having bought it in 1969. I am a serious buyer and am prepared to offer you $10,000 CASH for the 250! I am located in Columbia SC and would have to arrange delivery or some sort.Please let me know if you are interested. What additional information do you have about the car. What is the condition of the top, have the electrics been tampered with. Do you have compression test numbers, what condition are the brakes and clutch in, Does the transmission have any issues with shifting or popping out of gear. What are the condition of the rear wheel bearings, do the wheels shift or move when pressure is applied to them. etc.etc.etc.RegardsSteven Archu
2014-05-12 16:14:27 # 17023
Dear Steven, lets discuss via phone so you get maximum information. The brakes were redone in 2010 and the braking performance is great. The clutch is fine the lines were purged and the slave cylinder replaced a few years ago. The top is in fabulous shape, (I should have posted a picture of that and an underhood picture). The transmission is fine no gear pop out. The only slightly remarkable thing about it is a bit of extra effort is needed when going into 2nd gear in comparison to 1st, 3rd, and 4th. In 2011 installed a decent Sony MP3/CD/stereo. I also build a nice custome speaker box for the parcel shelf. Does that help? Lets discuss further, my name is Richard 734 645 9834
2014-05-21 16:26:42 # 17267
Thats embarrassing I found lots of typos etc in my original posting for instance I typed my number incorrectly it should be 734 645 9824 better yet email I have to update things based on some information the latested information I have now.
2014-05-22 08:58:47 # 17281
I will get more pictures and take a video of the car this weekend and communicate it better next week after I have time (away from work and family obligations) thanks for your patience and understanding. I am sure you can understand it can be challenging to make sense of things and I dont want to deceive any potential buyer so I will do a better job of documenting things. Similarly, I need to make sure I am not swindled by a manipulative or hostile buyer. I will choose the right price and buyer and can hopefully have a fair price sorted out next week (late May). Thanks again for your understanding of our situation and not being upset or trying to take advantage of us. I wouldn't do that to others and I think you can see from the limited amount of information I have at this point I am being as forth-coming as possible trying to address things when I can within my schedule.
2014-05-22 12:17:10 # 17291
Comment by John Q
I am having a dispute with Mr. Miller regarding the Triumph TR-250 offered for sale in his add. Earlier this week, Mr. Miller offered the Triumph TR-250 for sale for $11,000. After discussing the car with Mr. Miller by telephone on May 20, I accepted that offer by e-mail yesterday morning (May 21, 2014), at which point I believe we had a valid agreement of sale. Mr. Miller has now changed the add to "best offer." I have no idea whether someone else accepted his offer to sell the car for $11,000 before I did, only Mr. Miller would have that information and he has not shared that information with me. I am now contemplating litigation. If someone else accepted Mr. Millers offer before 9:30 a.m., May 21, 2014, I would like to know, before I invest more time and effort. Be advised I have called Mr. Miller multiple times over the past 2 days, and he has not returned my call.
2014-05-22 12:45:49 # 17293
Comment by John Q
My apologies, the references in my post above, should say Mr. Martin, not Mr. Miller.

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2014-07-09 10:12:22

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
May 10, 2014 Richard Martin 7346459824  USA Added to Registry (ID 24690)

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