Registry: 1963 Triumph Spitfire

Steven Spandorf's 1963 Triumph Spitfire – “Pussycat”
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This vehicle has seen many changes over the years. It is currently being "rebuilt" using parts from the original 1963 Spitfire as well as GT6 parts from 1966/69/72. In addition many custom upgrades are being supplied by PRI Race and Canley Classics.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Steven Spandorf   [Jediscuba]
Location: Southampton, NY, USA USA
Status: Restoration in progress

Model Year:1963
Original Colour:Red
Current Colour:primer
Odometer:29,000 miles
Engine Type:1998cc Stage 2+
Transmission:4 spd with overdrive
Last Updated:2011-11-09 11:50:26


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Member Comments on Registry: 1963 Triumph Spitfire   ↵
Rated 3.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
2009-01-29 14:44:56 # 1270
Comment by Skye P. Nott
Rating: 10/10
Wow super cool!!
2009-01-31 19:25:35 # 1277
Comment by Bob Coker
From this angle it looks remarkably like a Marcos. Having had a GT-6 in the old days, this conversion looks somewhat more practical as far as visibility and cargo room. Is there more headroom?
2010-01-21 22:22:52 # 1773
Comment by Jonathan Cronin
Nice Ashley fastback :-) It's a mk1 top (the Mk2 has a central fuel filler cap like my W&P fastback). Good luck with the restoration.
2011-11-09 07:40:40 # 3721
Comment by cees dobbe
Rating: 1/10
STRANGE!! That is a picture of MY triumph spitfire MK3 with ashley hardtop. This picture was taken during a dutch triumph spitfire meeting. Don't believe me? Take a look at the French spitfire club site, where this picture (without the licence plate erased) is posted: and go to the item "hardtop spéciaux"!
2011-11-09 08:57:51 # 3723
Comment by Steven Spandorf
Here is my response ... though the actual photo I enlosed with my personal email to you will not post here. I will however post an updated photo with me standing next to the car in 1966 after it was painted British Racing Green.

Copy of response:
You may not be amused but the photo was given to me when I purchaes my car. The seller told me that it was taken in Europe prior to the exportation. When I received the vehicle it was red and I had it repainted to British Racing Green. The car is still mine although it now has a 6 cylinder engine.

Here is a photo of the car that was taken in the mid 60's with me standing by it.

Perhaps you would like to chat at length about this ... on the phone?
It would be interesting to know the history of the vehicle.

Presently I've stripped it down and am rebuilding it with modern brakes and suspension changes. The engine now has 3 motorcycle carburetors.

Here are a few more photos.

I definitely own a triumph

I've tried to access your mess
2011-11-09 10:46:41 # 3726
Comment by cees dobbe
Hello Steve, I now have a feeling I've just stepped into the Twilight zone!!!! Do you mean you bought the car in the 60's and the seller gave you that picture?

The car in the picture that was posted here is absolutely my car. No doubt about it. The Triumph spitfire mk3 with licence plate 76-29-HT was first registred in the netherlands on april 4th 1969.

This specific car has been in my posession since 1987 and still has this colour. Normally, the hardtop is not attached. I also have the matching bonnet/hood.

I bought the car 24 years ago and spent 4 years restoring it from scratch to original specs. After that, I used it a lot for some 15 years(but not often enough these days). I even entered it in several (about 20) historic rally's in The Netherlands (where I live), Belgium, France and Denmark.

I have attached 2 pictures of the car, taken during a mid-90's historic rally in the Netherlands (Horneland rally). In "horneland rally 1", the guy standing in front of the car is me. In "horneland ra
2011-11-09 10:48:55 # 3727
Comment by cees dobbe
lly 2", the licence plate is clearly visable.
One explaination I can think of, is that the picture you got (and posted on this site) somehow got changed to the picture of my car I found there today.
Another is, that you bought the car during the 90's (not the 60's) and the seller gave you this picture, but took it from the french site...
The bottom line is: they MUST be 2 different cars ( I just checked: mine is still in the garage.... :-)) )
As to the bonnet you're looking for: it was made by Ashley. It is identical to the one I have (see the pictures).
The glas covers over the headlights are original (and therefore now expensive) Jaguar e-type units. Ashley just used what was easely available during the 60's. I borrowed two original units and made plaster moulds, then made perspex ones, using my mothers oven....
As to my posting on the site. It was perhaps a bit harsh. Sorry, I will try to remove it, or get it removed.
If not, I will add the content of this mail.
2011-11-09 11:46:21 # 3731
Comment by Skye Nott
What an interesting and mysterious story...
2014-01-17 08:28:32 # 13674
Comment by R J
Hi Gents,
I too have a Spitfire with an Ashley bonnet and roof/boot. It would seem that these beasts are very rare....any idea how many were built or are left? Is there a forum to establish owners or production numbers?

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2011-11-09 11:50:26

Changes from 2008-05-19 17:06:42 to previous 2006-10-24 13:13:54
Engine Type added   1998cc Stage 2+
Trans Type added   4 spd with overdrive

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Sep 16, 1966 Steven Spandorf  USA Added to Registry (ID 2912)

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