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Winter Storage

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Dragonfly Avatar
Dragonfly Jim McCarty
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Dragonfly"
OK if you live in the frozen north country--suggestions for putting the Baby away for the cold winter months.

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fittospit Avatar
fittospit Greg Deyo
North Branch, MN, USA   USA
1973 Dodge Dart "Green Monster"
1974 Triumph Spitfire
1983 Dodge B-Series Truck
I live in Minnesota. When I store any car, I put Seafoam in the tank and run the vehicle to let it get through the carbs and fuel lines. Depending upon length of storage I may fog the cylinders, but not usually. I use another can of Seafoam and poor half down the carburetor with the engine running and let the vehicle choke out while I get the last half down. I prefer to lift the vehicle to get the tires off the ground. I set mousetraps all through the vehicle and trunk and check them often. The Seafoam is a better gas stabilizer than Sta-bil and is a great detergent when you fire up in the spring. It also helps coat the cylinders when you poor it down the carb. It's worked well for my cars and boats for many years. Fortunately winter only lasts 10 months or so up here, so there is plenty of time to enjoy my cars.

90632D Avatar
90632D Fox Trapper
Various, USA   USA

I've been using one of these for several years now. Works every bit as well as the maker claims. The car comes out in the spring looking like time stopped.

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col Avatar
col colin renshall
liverpool, UK   GBR
Hi Jim
I am normally on the midget forum but it should be the same for you as for me this is what i do when putting her to bed

1leave car up on all four wheels

2drain petrol tank and fuel lines

3 grease all bright work

4 remove wooden steering wheel if you have got one

5 disconnect battery and remove it

6 grease all greasing points

7 drain all water including window wash

8 make sure handbrake is off

9 cover with sheet

Just done mine took me a full day to do the wire wheels the thing we do to keep these cars we are all crazy

geoffreyk Avatar
geoffreyk Geoff Kearley
Conception Bay South, Topsail, Newfoundland, Canada   CAN
On January 22 I put my 1980 TR7 away for the first time. It is in unheated storage 20 km away. We don't get a deep cold winter like Minnesota but it ranges from +8 to -10 Celsius with plenty of precipitation to match the temperature and not much sunlight. Fall is usually damp and winter usually comes on steady in December and lets up in late April but I have seen snow every month except July and August.

I am only storing the car until May so I did as the previous owner did;
1. fill up the gas tank
2. change to a light-weight motor oil [he did this in November]
3. remove the floor carpets and spray with RustCheck
4. leave all the resevoirs full
5. cover up loosely with a cloth cover
6. check tire inflations and leave all four on the floor
7. turn off the battey at the cut-off switch
8. remove anything decomposable from the car
9. The garage owner has a trap-line for mice and checks it regulary. So far he has had none this year. My friend had his car cover gnawed by squirrels when it was stored elsewhere.

I will see how this serves me and adjust as required next year. Temperature in the storage garage varies from about -5 C to +10 C. It has a painted concrete floor and my car, being the smallest, gets sunlight [when it shines] from the nearby window.


spurs1canada Avatar
spurs1canada Silver Member Barry Hotspur
Winnipeg, MB, Canada   CAN
1972 Triumph GT6 MkIII "Mellow Yellow"
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Li'l Red"
I store mine in a garage tent,it was good for a couple of years but this last spring when i went out there was a lot of moisture,i think the roof was allowing snow melt to get through.Put a new vinyl tarp on the roof hope it is drier.I usually just drive the cars in already clean and put normal covers on them.For rodent protection i use Dryer towels, smells way better than mothballs that a lot of people use,i stuff them everywhere interior and engine compartment,seems to work.That carbag looks good, how much?

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Dino V Avatar
Chicago, USA   USA
Mine is usually stored for 4 to 5 months so I just do regular things like Seafoam in the gas tank, top off all fluids, etc. Other than that, winter usually consists on detailing and making the Spit shine even more.

brucejon Avatar
brucejon Bruce Jones
Santa Cruz, CA, USA   USA
1962 Triumph TR3B
1963 Triumph TR3B "Tupperware TR3"
1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII
1972 Triumph TR6
winter i've heard some places have that...

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flyinlow Kevin N
Elko, NV, USA   USA
Don't forget to remove all triumph badges and install fiat badges
Nobody would steal a fiat

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