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1946 Triumph 1800

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PBRoss Avatar
PBRoss Philip Ross
St Pete Fla, USA   USA
1946 Triumph 1800 Roadster "Lady Margaret"
1975 MG MGB "Beatrice"
Looks like I getting another LBC, I have been a MG guy for more years than I can remember. My fist car was an MGA. I still have an MGB, Class i Mini and New MINI. This is my first Triumph, It is a very nice car and was restored. She will be arriving is a few weeks, but I have a few Photos...

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image.jpg    42.6 KB

image-1.jpg    40.5 KB
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Mark Jones Avatar
Close to Sarnia, ON, Canada   CAN
1995 MG MGF "Barney"
1996 Land Rover Discovery
Oh sweet, what a beautiful car! I got to see one up close last year at the National VTR convention and feel in love with it.

lilbomb74 Avatar
lilbomb74 g sprouls
Very nice

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Dino V Avatar
Chicago, USA   USA
beautiful classic triumph

britsnspits Avatar
britsnspits Michael Stoliker
Bethlehem, PA, USA   USA
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lucky"
It must get a lot of stares when you drive it. Number 1 question will probably be "What is that, a Rolls Royce?"

Triumph, always admired, rarely recognized.

What kind of car is that?
It's a Triumph Spitfire.
Is that some kind of MG?

billspit Bill Kea
Moore, Spartanburg, SC, USA   USA
What kind of car it that? Its a Spitfire. Yea my brother had an MG just like that.

I once had a hot looking woman come over to ask me about my Triumph as I was gasing it up. Turns out she had had a TR-4 years earlier.

Spitmk3 Avatar
Spitmk3 Rick Unruh
Winnipeg, MB, Canada   CAN
1960 Triumph Herald "Rose Harriet Engel"
1963 Triumph TR4 "Trevor"
1967 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Norman"
1968 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Jane"    & more
OOH!! What beauty! There are not many of those to be found. Nicely done!!!


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carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"

'S all for now

Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
I've been in love with those since the mid-nineties. They are so cool, right down to the dickey in the back! I'll confess I'm envious; maybe someday - but not today, I have a Spitfire to tend to for now!

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Spit1 Mike G
NZ, Waitakere, New Zealand   NZL
Here's one I saw at a show recently. Very nice car.

2012_0401Triumphshow0112.JPG    72.8 KB

Dagwood Darin C
Grand Junction, CO, USA   USA
1948 Triumph 1800 Roadster "Lucy"
1976 Triumph TR6 "Edmund"
Hi, Just wondering as I am getting around to my 1800 do you have any leads on a parts car? thanks

a1972mgbgt Avatar
a1972mgbgt Michael Layman
Beaverton, OR, USA   USA
1960 MG MGA 1600
1968 MG Midget "Daisy Mae"
1972 MG MGB GT
Very nice I am out of Garage space.

DavidMGA1600 Avatar
DavidMGA1600 Silver Member David Lake
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1960 MG MGA "Dads Car"
1961 CycleKart Race Car "Team Ferrari"
Thats a very classic form, nice colour and rich interior


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