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I just thought I'd put this out, as many people may not see the possibilities.

We have elderly neighbors.
It seems Sid, back in the early 70's, lashed out and spent a weeks pay on a full length Brown leather trench coat, wide lapels and very long (he must have worn platform sole shoes :-) )
I have a picture in my mind of 'Jason King' if that means anything to anybody.

Well time marches on, and Sids wife is well fed up of the old, out of fashion, trench coat sitting in the closet that will never be worn again. But it seems each time she throws it out, Sid finds it and brings it back (without telling her)

Finally they have an argument over this, and Sid is out in the garden kind of sulking and he tells me the story of the coat and what it means to him, how it gave him the confidence to ask his future wife out on a date, and how much it cost him, and how good/soft a leather it was made from.

He asks me if I could use it!

How could I refuse?

Anyway (now to the point)
My daily driver is a 84 Toyota pick up, I like the truck, but it was a base model, and had a big void between the bucket seats and no storage. What I needed was a storage box that could double as an arm rest and offer a place for mounting a cup holder.

The results are in the photo.
the box was made of 3/4" ply and covered with leather panels from Sids coat. The back vent formed the lid and the sides incorporate the trench coat pockets.

Sid and I are both are happy with the result/solution. Often when I give the truck a good clean up Sid will come around and check on his beloved coat.

The moral is, don't overlook the possibilities of old leather garments from Trift stores and such places. My Spitfire has a leather wrapped steering wheel and gear shift garter, both sorced from an ex Goodwill leather coat. I'm sure there are other possibilities.

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