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Rust prevention test

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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
For most of us (in the Nothern hemisphere) it's probably not the time we need to think about this. But then, there probably isn't a bad time either.

My Daily driver is an 84 Toyota pick up, I bought it some years ago after it had come out of dry storage after 23 years!

The truck was totally rust free, and as I want to keep it a long time, drive it year round, and know that these vehicles can be prone to rust, I thought I would take precautions to prevent it taking a hold.

Befor each winter, I try to find the time to get underneath the truck, clean things off, and apply something I hope will keep the winter perils at bay.

Over the past few years I have used a few products, but never, really, knew how effective they might have been. So last year I did a little test.

I cut three strips of metal from a wrecked car, the lower portion of each strip was sanded clean of paint, washed in mild acid, rinsed with water and a thin rust bloom was allowed to form.

Each of the strips was then coated with one pass of rust prevention product, and attatched via zip strips under my truck,I in the area hehind the rear wheel mud flaps.

The three rust preventors were:

Pro- form permanent wax based rust proofing. Spray on.

Fluid film. Spray on.

My own mix of Chain saw Bar oil & candle wax (melted together)

The strips were left in place for about 3,000 miles while I had my winter tires installed.
They were then removed, cleaned and examined.

At this point I should say we had a mild but quite wet winter here. We did have some snow, but only for a few days.
My truck did however travel quite a bit, off road, through mud near the sea. The strips took quite a blasting!

Here are the resultsbs:
First pictures show the strips as they were removed from the truck (un-cleaned)

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P1020732 (0)-2.JPG    41.8 KB
P1020732 (0)-2.JPG

P1020742-2.JPG    19.2 KB
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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
What appears to be rust in the first picture is actually mud.

The second picture shows the strips after being cleaned in warm water, and a gentle rub between my fingers.

This picture shows the strips in front of there respective coatings (the left strip had my mix of chain oil and candle wax.)

I was really surprised at the results.

For the record, I have no association with Fluid Film of Pro Form rust preventitives.

P1020741 (0)-2.JPG    38.7 KB
P1020741 (0)-2.JPG

barringtonpro Avatar
barringtonpro FRANK BORGES
1954 Jaguar XK120
1969 MG MGB GT "The Hose"
1970 Triumph TR6
1971 Triumph TR6
Hi Tony

Thanks for posting this. First off I'm amazed how unaware old car owners are about chemically
treating their vehicles against rust rot. It's not expensive and only takes about 40 minuts per year.
Por-15 and wonder coatings are fine when doing a major overhaul, but for routine convenience
and great results read what Tony listed here.

I have been using WD40 once a year on my classics using a 30psi spritz air gun from my small
compressor. This enabled me to fog cover the inside of our channel frames and inside rocker panels.
Also, in the panel seams, topside, around the glass and wiping down the chrome should it go
in storage for a week or more.

Bare or surface rusted metal first will get a good spray of Rustolium oil paint red primer and then a
coating of Rustolium top coat paint, then a yearly spray of fine oil mist/fog. I never had additional
rust form or propagate on my cars. Even driving a Porsche 356a in ten N.E. winters kept the rust away.
What fun that was!

I'm also shocked at how many new valuable cars are parked on grass lawns. This is not
rocket science. A thin coating of oil on a chassis, painted or rusted surface, will greatly
reduce oxidation/rot. That said very few will do this.


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