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Mark Jones Avatar
Close to Sarnia, ON, Canada   CAN
1995 MG MGF "Barney"
1996 Land Rover Discovery
Those highback seats that were in the 70 Mk3 are well known for being of poor quality. Both of the seats that were in my Mk3 had broken recline mechanisms. The proper foams and upholstery are very expensive as well. I ended up trading mine to another Mk3 owner, who needed parts for his, for a floor panel. I have seats out of a '68 that will be going into mine.

With respect to body panels, you will find people selling panels in the buy,sell & trade section here, as well as on Craig's list, etc. My Mk3 needed new sills, floors, rear fenders, rear valance, boot floor, etc. and almost every body panel I have bought has come people on this forum or Craig's list. The nice thing about body panels for the Spitfire is that almost all of them are still made on the original tools, so brand new panels fit just like the originals; very little fussing is needed.

MOWOG Garage serving the needs of all Post Abingdon MG owners in Lambton Co. since 2011.

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John, my commission plate is awful! It is covered in red paint and all you can make out is the OCT 70 and the commission number, which very well could have been punched in wrong after it was repainted. I will be looking for another one, however all I have found so far are for later 1500s and the plates for the drivers side under the bonnet.

As for the seats, I will have to post a picture so you can see what they look like!


Andy-Sherry Avatar
Andy-Sherry Gold Member Andy Martin
Portland, OR, USA   USA
In reply to # 850149 by Spitnut64 By the way Amy, you’re not alone here; join the club:

Ive not seen the radio being fitted there!Tricky for the passenger LOL

1974 Spit 1500 Carmine Red
1977 Spit 1500 Pink Panther Pink

Always learning something

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Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
Comm plate CNP61; The Roadster Factory

This is the plate used on mine, and every other US market ’70 I’ve seen; for whatever reason it is never listed as being for Spitfire but only for TR6, and that’s where you find it in the catalogs.

Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Walla Walla"
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Portland"
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Spokane"
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Dayton"    & more
TRF Used to show those in the Spitfire book, I purchased a CNP73 several years ago to replace the one on my 2nd 69 car (now I need another one) but I was never sure when they changed to having the Manufactured on date at the top. The best I could ever say was that the late 69 still had the CNP73 style and the 72 had the newer style. So can I mark it down as for sure that 1970 started the new tag?

Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
Okay Amanda here you go; a pair of RER31 reflectors on buy-it-now-bay, I’ll let you decide if you like the asking price or not - I’ll also let you decide if you want to grab these or hold out for a cleaner set. Personally, if I were in your position, I’d grab ‘em; even if something cleaner pops-up down the road, you can always flip ‘em! Just my $.02

RER31 reflectors - buyitnowbay

Dan, as for your comment - I also can’t say for sure that ’70 represented the change in comm plates or not; I can only say that of the half dozen or more US market ’70’s that I’ve seen either on this forum or for sale on ebay, they all have had that comm plate on them. I have also seen that plate on at least some ’71’s and possibly some ’72’s.

Andy - just saw your comment, at this time my passenger is the radio; then again, since my car’s not running at all, I don’t have any passengers let alone a radio - gotta work on all of this when I get back home! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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John, thanks for the commission plate, that is the exact one I am looking for! I don't know why its not listed under Spitfire. Also those reflectors are in good shape, I am thinking about getting them!

Thank you, Amanda

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2012-11-06 07:39 AM by 1971-MkIII.

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psalernosr Philip Salerno
Pittsburgh, PA, USA   USA
Good day all,

I am brand new to this forum having just acquired my first Spit . . . an abandoned 1968-1970 Triumph Spitfire project. The info on this page has been quite helpful to me as I am in a search to find out exactly what I have on my hands.

PO told me that it was a model year 1968 even though the door plate shows a production date of September 1969. But the FDU number is 76792 which leads me to believe that I have acquired a 1970 Mark III. It has that tell-tail single back-up light but the front bonnet has been replaced with a fiberglass unit. Original steel bonnet came with the car and does not have any badging on it. No T-R-I-U-M-P-H across the front and no Spitfire RAF badge either. And not a single mounting hole for such badging seen or filled in with Bondo. So, can anyone verify that I do, in fact, have a 1970 Mark III on my hands? Paint code shows as 55 (Laurel Green?) with the trim code being 13 (Beige?). 1296 engine and trans are out of the car at this time.

The front lower valance was removed and a shop-fabricated one installed. Car was going to be made into an autocross racer, but the passage of time coupled with the advancing age of the PO, led to this little gem falling into my lap. My desire is to get it back to as close to original as can be . . . but I will be hindered by the large fender flares that are installed. Not very fond of them but they are expertly done and would be a major chore to remove. Right now the rear steel wheel sits 3-1/2 inches from the outer flare lip and the front steelie sits back 2-1/2 inches. Might try to get 14 inch Panasport wheels to help fill out the wheelwells when that time comes.

Any advice/comments would be most welcomed.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Phil, Sr.
Pittsburgh, PA

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70spit Jon B
Camas, WA, USA   USA
Welcome to the forums!

That certainly looks like a '70. It has the correct rear bumpers to be a MkIII and that reverse light plinth is '70 all the way. The badging would tell us more but that's been removed.

Does the steel bonnet have a pair of seam ridges running the length of the bonnet above the wheels (like the rear has)? If not then you have a later bonnet which would explain the lack of hole for lettering or the RAF badge.

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psalernosr Philip Salerno
Pittsburgh, PA, USA   USA
Thank you for the reply 70spit.

I'll check the steel bonnet tomorrow and get back to you but I do believe it has the seam ridges like the rear since I did receive 4 pieces of seam chrome with the car.

Additionally, I'd like to truly badge it correctly as a 1970 if I could ever find an RAF badge like the one that I believe should have been on that extra steel bonnet. I know they are pricey, but I have yet to even see one to take a shot at acquiring one.

BTW . . . forgot to mention that both front and rear side marker lights were replaced with VW Rabbit side marker lights (don't ask - but I've been told a lot of autocrossers did this back in the day) so I'm fairly certain I'll want to switch all four back to Spitfire OEM side marker lights.

Phil, Sr.

Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
The tell would be the Comm. number - if my memory is worth anything 75001 was the beginning of the '70 model year. Yours falls after that, and so is a '70.

"Given enough time, an amateur can build anything.”

- Bob Hicks (as quoted in the 1997 "Mariner’s Book Of Days"winking smiley

grubscrew Avatar
grubscrew grub screw
The suburbs of, Winfield, Maryland, USA   USA
Yes, you have a molested 1970 Spitfire.

1970 Spitfire Mk3
FDU 78359L
34/11 (Jasmine yellow/Black interior)

1962 Triumph TR3B
TCF 575L
Signal Red/Red interior

psalernosr Philip Salerno
Pittsburgh, PA, USA   USA
Good morning all,

Over the weekend I was able to get a real good look at the original steel bonnet that came with the car. As suggested, it does indeed have the fender seams like the rear of the car. But I was mistaken in my initial post that mentioned no Bondo of the badge mounting holes. In fact, we were able to see where two holes were indeed filled in and the very faint outline of the RAF Spitfire badge. So we now have a firm consensus based on the FDU number, missing badges, and dead-giveaway single rear backup light, that the car is indeed a North America model year 1970 Spitfire Mark III.

Big thanks to those that replied to my initial message. On now to acquiring the missing parts not included with the car (RAF badge a must if I can just find one) as well as a restoration plan of attack moving forward.

More to come, I'm sure.

Thank you,

Phil, Sr.
Pittsburgh, PA

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