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christobel Avatar
christobel Christine Green
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
WOW the perfect scenerio.
I have a Spitfire and am really starting to fall in love with the lines of the GT6 as well.....lucky you.

Christine G
1976 Spitfire

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christobel Avatar
christobel Christine Green
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
45,000mi wow what a beaut.....

Christine G
1976 Spitfire

78 Red Spit Doug Eble
Louisburg, KS, USA   USA
1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Little Pice Of Crap"
Got some pictures of the car.All most complete with the restoration.


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PA180225.JPG    90.1 KB

PA180225.JPG    90.1 KB
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gtspit Ed B
Yuma, AZ, USA   USA
for what it's worth I too was in Richmond on & off in '72 & '73 for school "sports" and various "concerts"; it was an interesting time & place to be.

I for one had been a long-time GT6 fan,'just didn't know how much until a few years later when I tried to buy a new '80 at Triangle Triumph/MG/Volkswagen.

A few weeks later I was a proud owner of a '72 GT6 MkIII!spinning smiley sticking its tongue out...I was the 3rd owner then; I was told by the PO that he bought it from the 1st owner, a woman in Pa. who had hit a curb and "tweeked" the front right of the frame.. so it pulled to the right some. I drove it to Richmond after work that day to see a buddy of mine from H.S. then living in Richmond. I drove back around 3AM back to Quantico & overheated on the 95, blowing steam across four lanes wide! I learned right then how to deal with the thermostat: remove it! I made it to work in time and not late. I learned Triumphs are tough cars.

I drove that monster all over Va. It was one "cool" car! Everybody loved it. Unfortunately I never took pictures of it, at least nothing survived from then. The second thing was I sold it a year later to another who drove it to Ohio, never to be seen again, but I have since been in touch with that next owner who said it had a good life and was sold again in Ohio. I am a current owner of a late '72 MkIII with overdrive [coincidentally the same color]. Any chance you might have the original "window sticker(s)" for yours? I'm trying to put together one for mine. Curious.

Thanks, Ed.

Hagus Alex Innes
York, Yorkshire, UK   GBR
Hi everyone I'm new round here! This 73 spit was bought by my parents off the showroom floor, at least in part as they had a couple of failed attempts at starting a family so thought they'd cheer themselves up/spend their savings, anyway I popped out later the same year! My dad ran it a couple of years until he got a company car, then my mum ran it until 88. It then sat in a barn until 1999 when it was got running, and was painted and had new wings and a door skin about 6 years ago. Been my summer car since!
It has coil overs on the front, a quarter inch block on the back (fussy ain't i?!) gas flowed head, tr5 spec cam, lightened and balanced, 1.5 inch su carbs, goes well! Had banded wheels on in the photo, taken in Italy in 2013, now has 5 inch fronts and 5.5 on the back.

Sorry for all the waffle!

image.jpg    56.9 KB

supertech Avatar
supertech Michael Hawryluk
Prince George, BC,, Canada   CAN
welcome to a great forum. I really like the color -- is that the original "majenta" or is the photo a bit dark.


Hagus Alex Innes
York, Yorkshire, UK   GBR
Damson is the original colour, the respray by the specialist is supposed to be original colour but it's a shade or three lighter! Next time....

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denislp2000 Avatar
denislp2000 Denis Palmer
Tulsa, OK, USA   USA
I cannot say I am a origional owner, got my first spitfire when I got out of the service,,,
and started working for Big Blue ( IBM ) and had it untill I flipped it several times, and sadly it was far beyond repair,
when I took her away , several people asked who died in her,
( I had 100 Plus skull fractures and was hurting for a long time, )
I got married and had some kids, then a friend , ( knowing I liked the cars, ) told me he had a friend thta needed a bigger car for work so I traded my Toyota Corina ( 1972 ) for a gt6 1972. that was in about 85 the car was old, already, I replaced the transmission and drove it to work daily for about a year, only bad time is when the acc cable broke on the freeway, in LA. rush hour, but she moved just not fast,
my daughter Sarah liked riding places with me it the car, when things fell apart in California, I left it , behind and was to go back in a month and get it, but months turned to years and by the time I went back , the people I left it with had moved and it was gone,,,
started looking for another and each time I found one it was to much money or already gone,,,

then a few months ago I found my dream GT6 wire wheels and 3 carbs and polished crank and ballanced engine,
just got her home and have been working on her since,,, I hope this one is ready to go down the road, soon,,,

day one.jpg    48 KB
day one.jpg

supertech Avatar
supertech Michael Hawryluk
Prince George, BC,, Canada   CAN

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ptegler Avatar
ptegler Paul Tegler
Severn, MD, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB GT "OBie"
1973 MG MGB GT "YB"
1973 MG Midget MkIII "Lil' Greenie"
1973 Triumph GT6 MkIII "Big Red"    & more
congrats... saw that Gt6 u p on ebay a time or three awhile ago,
glad to see it found a new home!


gtspit Ed B
Yuma, AZ, USA   USA
Sweet chariots of happinessthumbs up. Congrats Dennis!smileys with beer

robs67spit Rob Powell
Lilburn, GA, USA   USA
This is my 1967 Spitfire 4 MK 2 purchased in 1967 for my 16th birthday. It was purchased from Tommy Charles Imports
in Birmingham, AL.
I drove it to high school, college and got married in it in 1972. It was always a dependable car and has only had the clutch
replaced many years ago.
In about 1979-80 I had a friend re-spray the exterior and replace the carpets. It is on about it's 3rd rag top.
I have the original wire wheels but, got scared of them when the splines began to deteriorate and replaced them with the
current "bolt-on" wheels.
I still have my 1st car and my 1st wife so Life Is Good!!

P1010001.JPG    50 KB

Bpt70gt Avatar
Bpt70gt Brian T
Westmoreland, NH, USA   USA
That's fantastic Ed. Similar to my history with my GT6, purchased new in 1970, got married in it in 1972, also still same wife. My oldest son went to his high school prom in the GT. Currently doing a frame off restoration (second time). Hope to be back on the road mid summer. So far its been a 1-1/2 year project. My oldest will someday inherit the GT and my youngest the TR250. What a life!!

rpierce Avatar
rpierce Russell P
Warner Robins, GA, USA   USA
1964 Triumph Spitfire MkII "Macau/ Kastner Tribute"
Great car Rob. Great story too. I'm down in Warner Robins, GA. While I am not the original owner I did rescue mine off a dirt mountain trail in Ringgold, GA two years ago and gave it new life. Quite different today to say the least. I'm planning on traveling up for the Norcross British Car Fayre Sept. 12th. Hope to see your car in the lineup.

8-10-15 075.JPG    75.5 KB
8-10-15 075.JPG

docman Avatar
docman Bob Harris
Dearborn, MI, USA   USA
1972 Triumph GT6 MkIII "SOLD"
1983 Ford Mustang "Daddy's"
2015 Jaguar XF "Kitty"
Russell - extremely cool

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