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Possible fueling issue on "new" Spitfire

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spitfire50 Avatar
spitfire50 Paul Mugford
Rochester, N.H., USA   USA
In really top condition your Mk3 should get awfully close to the ton. Probably won't actually make 100 mph, but very close. If down on power by even a few hp the speed drops off dramatically.
All the best,

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TheZster Avatar
TheZster Steven Z
1978 Triumph 1500 "BLK-BRY"
In reply to # 1540454 by aknight123456 So I finally got down to the root of the problem - multiple minor things which would end up masking other problems.

Ultimately the carb was in a terrible state with regards to set up and the biggest gremlin was an subtle difference in the throttle positions between the carbs. Once I figured that out and balanced them up and then set the mixture about right she seems pretty happy.

She's now been on her first pub outing and even saw 60mph! eye popping smiley

There's much more to be done but at least I can use her now. I'm thinking of getting the carbs tuned by a professional. Just out of interest what sort of top speed would you guys expect to see from a non overdrive mk3?


Good for you.... and congrats for having he heuvos to take her our for a bar run this early in your relationship..... (nothing worse than tipsy in a LBC that won't start with all the girls watching you).....

You will get tons of advice here...... regardless of the problem.......No one will have all the answers - but that's why it's a "forum"..... Personally, I suggest taking advice in order - from simplest fix up to "tear it apart" fix.... I would guess that 80 - 90% of issues raised here end up being 'lil bitty problems on lil bitty cars"......

What top speed?? Eloquently put by Victor: More than you want! You will think she's about to blow apart - or shake apart.... but she'll scare the pants off of you before hit top end....... AND: "who cares"? (you gonna brag to your friends that your car will almost do 100?? LOL) Speed isn't what this car is about - for me.... It's about being able to take on all comers on a winding country road...... making those "20mph turns" at 50++ So much fun..... (till that rear end breaks loose,,,, LOL) (Can I order a side dish of negative camber please?)


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