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Triumph GT6 radiator replacement options..

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ccren89 Avatar
ccren89 Colin Crenshaw
Keokuk, IA, USA   USA
I have a mk2 Triumph GT6 with the stock radiator but it doesn't like to do a good enough job in the hot summer months here in Iowa and that's car show season so, what are some radiator options? Is the aluminum replacement a good choice? does a wider spitfire aluminum radiator fit under the hood?

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twomanytriumphs Avatar
twomanytriumphs Gold Member Kyle Darby
Kelso, WA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "My Baby"
1966 Triumph 2000 MkI "Bessie"
1970 Triumph GT6+ (MkII) "The Princess"
1977 MG MGB
I’m curious if you have the various side shields and radiator ducting in place? Granted I’m in Washington, but I’ve never really had a lot of issues when I’ve driven mine in the heat. I remember one after noon was upper 90’s, and a friends mk1 was 140 degrees in the passenger footwell. Kyle.

tlcgt6 Avatar
tlcgt6 Tommy Cook
Colleyville, TX, USA   USA
1971 Triumph GT6 MkIII "Banana Hannah"
1972 Triumph GT6 "The T"
I had a custom alum radiator made with an extra row of cooling vane made. it made the radiator about 1/2 thicker. I asked that the radiator be made so that the extra thickness was in the front of the radiator. Towards the nose of the car so as not to interfere with the fan blade. also have a fan shroud that was made about 20 years ago. helps to maintain the air flow evenly thru the radiator. this keeps my GT6 at about 190 degrees in the extreme heat of Texas' summers.

on the GT6 car that I am building I will be doing the same thing except removing the cap from the radiator. I will be using the cap/thermostat cover from a 79/80 spitfire. this will make the radiator cap higher than the radiator. better fluid flow without captivation.

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jimgt6 Jim E
Seekonk, MA, USA   USA
I went with an aluminum radiator from Griffin Radiator. I kept the shrouding around the radiator because it helps to direct the airflow more efficiently

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booley Bruce H
Latham, NY, USA   USA
there was a pretty good thread on the club triumph site about radiator options. The rad from a peugeot 205 has been used and i think there is an inexpensive aluminum replacement from a Honda Civic(?) that is roughly the same size as the GT6. But since CT changed their format, none of my searches seem to work...

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
First I would verify with an indepenant thermometer that you actually are getting too hot (if you are not boiling over)

Also I have had good results removing the rad and cleaning it out internally with dilute CLR (household cleaner)

I could not belive the crud that came out of my rad and heater core!

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