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Uprated Coil Springs '80 Spit: A Lesson Learned

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Manana Avatar
Manana Steve Wten
Thornhill, ON, Canada   CAN
"rhetoric"!!! ouch. smiling smiley

Carter sums up the back pretty well. Unless the back is actually sagging it's not the answer. If your camber is good then I wouldn't mess with the back.

Thing is, it's not about leveling the car, it's about correcting the flaw, and it's at the front. I used to laugh when I'd see guys here writing that if you lower the front, the back will be higher therefore you should lower it as well. Sure the rear bumper may come up a mm or so, but it's the height at the wheels that is relevant and that doesn't change by altering the front. On top of that they have just recreated the same silly nose-high attitude, plus do they really want that much negative camber. Don't know where that logic came from, but glad we haven't seen it in a bit.

As mentioned in my PM, if money isn't an issue I think a set of QA1 coilovers would be nice; there are likely many others from which to choose. Once I get on to my new rear suspension I think I'll put 'em all the way around.

Whatever makes ya smile.


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dklee12 Avatar
dklee12 Doug Klee
Toms River, NJ, USA   USA
In reply to # 1518654 by Manana Didn't want to come across like I was trying to change your mind, of course all that matters is what you think/want. I was going to insert a "roll eyes" emoticon, but I'm much too polite to do that. smiling smiley

I guess I just found it interesting that you went from one extreme to the other and your final solution was to choose one of them.
You obviously weren't thrilled with the stock set-up and thought it worthwhile to correct.
As mentioned, even though I read a tonne first, I was faced with much the same situation and found that in between the extremes was perfect, for practicality, aesthetics and most of all handling; I suspect that's what you were initially looking for and it's just a shame you didn't get there. I sincerely feel bad that you wasted time and money; I never like to hear that.

This is by no means a criticism, merely a curiosity. I post here to learn and try to help others if I can. And as much as anyone, maybe more, I totally appreciate you sharing your experience.

PS; Selling a shit load is an interesting theory, but in reality I wouldn't say they did, and the biggest reason was poor engineering and workmanship. hmmmmm

No issues Steve and I do appreciate your input & comments as well as those from all other members

Actually I never had an issue with the stock set up. I never thought it was high or low. It was just the way it was when I got the car.
I went for new Springs as part of the front end rebuild. The springs were original and I just figured after 35 years they had done their duty, just needed to be retired and seeing I was replacing everything else....
I did enough "research" (actually I was told) to know the front was gonna drop, I was just surprised how much. The resulting bottoming out coupled with my less
then enthusiastic feeing about the aesthetics, I decided to go back to the original. (If it's not broke, don't fix it)
As far as wasting money goes...this is small potatoes. Just ask the wife.
Happy motoring.


Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
I've never objected to the aesthetics of the stock stance, but I readily concede that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At the end of the day, it's trying to make an objective ruling on a very subjective matter.

"Given enough time, an amateur can build anything.”

- Bob Hicks (as quoted in the 1997 "Mariner’s Book Of Days"winking smiley

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Manana Avatar
Manana Steve Wten
Thornhill, ON, Canada   CAN
Too funny Doug "As far as wasting money goes...this is small potatoes. Just ask the wife." I totally hear ya.

John, normally I'd totally agree with that, but the first time I saw a Spitfire, that jumped out at me, not just as an aesthetic issue but engineering, performance, or maintenance. The only other car I recall repeatedly being like that was the first gen Mustangs, and I think that was just due to tired leaf springs in the back as they aged.

We get familiar with what we normally see on Spits and GT6s and when something is different it can take a long time to warm up to it, even if it's better.
The 3 specific issues that jump out at me as "not perfect" are the
- Nose-High Attitude,
- how far some after-market wheels stick out from the front fenders, and
- to a lesser degree and definitely more subjective I'd say are the small wheels/tires (we're used to seeing 13" so when guys go bigger it takes time to re-cage our minds - it's funny, that's one of the things many people really like about the TR6, but then they don't like it on the Spit/GT6 - interesting).

My wife says I focus too much on the details, so maybe we can just chalk it up to that, but as I mentioned before, these are some of the coolest looking cars around, but doesn't mean they couldn't be even better.

It is a small task to correct but far be it from me to tell anyone what to do with their cars. Just great to drive 'em. Have fun.

Edit: added a coma


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