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British bumpers for my 1980 Spitfire

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Lash Man Doug Lash
West Liberty, OH, USA   USA
Is there a source to purchase the chrome bumpers for my 1980 Spitfire ? I think they look so much better than those chunky rubber bumpers that we had to use here in the USA.

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Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
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Your only option is to buy some late model UK units and modify the car to fit them. Rimmers etc. sell them I think.

Spitfirejoe Avatar
Spitfirejoe Joe Guinan
Fremont, NE, USA   USA
1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "The Phoenix"
I see them on eBay regularly. There are several options. The later (1976-78?) rear bumpers had a squarish covering over the center that can be removed (holes plugged with chrome headed bumper bolts). The rear bumpers on any 1970-1878 "square tail are basically "bolt on". The front of the late (1879-80) Spits need to be modified to accept the thin front bumpers from the early cars. There are several forum entries that detail the necessary changes. Do some searching.

You also need to replace the "over-riders" that cover the bonnet hinges. There are some options there, too. The smaller "Euro" over-riders look really nice, but are hard to find now. The US versions are larger and not very dainty looking. They are usually weather damaged, and often times the mounting bolts are rusted solid in them and the rubber tears when you try to remove the bolts.

Chrome bumpers are typically rust pitted to some extent. Light pitting can be made less noticeable with chrome polish. They can be re-chromed, but that's pricey. I elected to paint mine satin black when I pulled off the BURBs (Big Ugly Rubber Bumpers). I lightly sanded them down, then used a couple layers of acid etch primer, and then hit them with rattle can spray paint. This matches a lot of the other black trim on my car and looks good, but good chrome is awfully pretty.

Joe Guinan
Fremont, Nebraska

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Lash Man Doug Lash
West Liberty, OH, USA   USA
Thanks for the great information . I am new to this forum having just gotten my Spitfire in December . I appreciate you taking the time to give such a detailed response .

ohmite Avatar
ohmite Eric O
Wilson, NY, USA   USA
There is some metal work you will need to do to make the conversion to the chrome bumpers, it isn't a direct swap.

Jim Garry did a detailed writeup and posted a link to it here awhile back. Here is a link to his article: or here is a link to the post (go to post #16) where he links to the article:,1394322,1396511#msg-1396511

Happy New Year! Enjoy your Spitfire, I'm doing a full restoration on mine, hopefully on the road this year.


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joppamoto Mark R
Crestwood, KY, USA   USA
I just did my 80 last year. The rear is a direct bolt on. The front has to have a couple of minor metal cuts. I purchased some straight used bumpers from a mid 70s and removed the square pieces from the rear one. I sent them to Knox custom chrome for re-chroming for about $250 each. They also filled in the bolt holes before re-chroming for a small amount more. They turned out great. I purchased small fiberglass over riders from one of the vendors in the UK. and a 70s grille from Ebay. This is a simple job, and not terribly expensive.

trrdster Avatar
trrdster Wayne Tate
Spencer, NC, USA   USA
Lots of cutting, but the thin cut off disk make it easy.
I moved the grill out, but still have lots of work on the paint job.

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