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Wire Wheel Questions

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Wire Wheel Questions
  This topic is about my 1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII
techwiz001 Matthew S.
Winston-Salem, NC, USA   USA
My front driver's side wire wheel spinner began loosening of its own accord. Started off having to tighten it weekly, then quickly it progressed to daily, and now I can't drive around the block without the splines beginning to slip. What could be causing this issue?

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Lizzard d id
san jose, CA, USA   USA
The sides are threaded one way on one side of the car and threaded the opposite on the other side of the car . Did the adapters and spinners get on the wrong side of the car ? Lefts on the right or rights on the left ?

Herald948 Avatar
Herald948 Andrew Mace
East Nassau, upstate NY, USA   USA
I would also suggest that, since this has happened more than once, your hub and wheel are likely ruined. sad smiley

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Born Loser Avatar
Born Loser Silver Member Matthew Taylor
Land O Lake, FL, USA   USA
Yup, got one on the wrong side - which means you have 2 on the wrong side if you have the correct set. Right side should TIGHTEN counter clockwise - left hand thread. That would mean your drivers side (assuming its Left Hand drive), should be normal threads- TIGHTEN Clockwise.

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Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
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And, both on the same side should tighten the same direction, (toward the back of the car) Maybe all 4 are wrong?

If they are correct as stated herein, then you just have a bad adapter and by now a bad wheel, both of which will have to be replaced. Unless, there is some reason the wheel is not going onto the adapter all the way. Even in that case they may both be ruined by now.


techwiz001 Matthew S.
Winston-Salem, NC, USA   USA
I see, my fears have been confirmed. All 4 do tighten towards the back of the car, so they are installed correctly.
These wire wheels have managed to become quite a pain, so I am seriously considering swapping them out for another kind.
Are you aware of any reputable vendors for Panasport wheels (or those of a similar style)? What is a reasonable price to pay for a set? I like the look of this variety, and am ready to get away from splines and spinners for the time being, however, I am new to buying wheels.

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