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LED Headlamps

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IanF Ian Furqueron
Croydon, PA, USA   USA
Looking at the specs, even the lowest output version should be substantially brighter than a typical halogen 6024 sealed beam, which is about 1000 Lumens.

It does appears to be a basic H4 replacement LED bulb. Through a fluke of misreading, I'm awash in 7" H4 housing, but have no bulbs, so this interests me some.

It's probably worth noting that upgrading the headlight power to a relay set-up can increase light output quite a bit.

"Lisle" - '72 GT6 basically stock and original. For now... T-9 conversion pending.
"Winnie the Poo" - '79 Spitfire 1500. Rubber to chrome bumper conversion, otherwise stock at the moment.

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trrdster Avatar
trrdster Wayne Tate
Spencer, NC, USA   USA
Lots of upgraded wiring harnesses on our vendors and Amazon with the ceramic plug, which I understand is needed for the heat on the H4 units I'm getting ready to install. Comes with relays, some effort is required, but I'm adding 10 circuit fuses, so this is the easy part.

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1978 Spitfire (rust victim)
1971 GT6 (tarp covered for 12 years, rusted inside out)
1980 Spitfire (getting all the good GT6 parts, all poly suspension and Spax shocks)

clshore Carter Shore
Beverly Hills, FL, USA   USA
Amps is Amps, Watts is Watts.
But you must understand that there is a big difference between temperature and heat energy.
A device generating 25 Watts of heat energy may yield temperatures anywhere from 5 degrees to 500 degrees,
depending on the thermal mass of the device, and it's ability to dissipate the heat energy.

Incandescent lights draw more power, but produce less light than LED.
Incandescent lights run HOT!!, much hotter (higher temperatures) than LED.
But the LED chips themselves are very sensitive to heat, both for efficiency, and also for reliability.
So LED lamps and driver circuits HAVE to be operated at a LOWER temperature than incandescent.
That is the purpose of heat sinks, and cooling fans, to dissipate the heat energy to surrounding air
and keep operating temperatures within limits.

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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
Lots of videos on YouTube on LED headlight bulbs.

I would be more concerned about the light pattern than the heat output.

Years ago I fitted Bosch halogen headlights to both my Spitfire and truck. I use these because if a stone chips a standard sealed beam, the light goes out. With seperate bulbs, the light will keep on woking with a broken lens. This is important during winter when the roads are gritted and you need headlights most.

Of course, I do not take the Spit out in such conditions, but I also like the well defined cut off to the low beam light pattern. With a low car it is an advantage to be able to set the beam as high as possible without blinding on-comming motorists.

As I understand it, there was a time when non-sealed beam headlights were not legal for road use in the U.S.
I have shipped more than one set of standard wattage European headlights to US based friends.

I may try a LED conversion in the future, but will first try to find out what works best with the bosch lenses.

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