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Very tight trunnion bushing

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mykeeb33 Avatar
mykeeb33 Silver Member Mike Bostwick
Puyallup, WA, USA   USA
I probably should have known better than to buy these from Victoria British, but has anybody else had trouble with the trunnion bushings fitting into the brass trunnion? I don't have a micrometer to tell whether the bushings too big or the trunnions too small. The bushings wouldn't fit into the old trunnion either. Anyone know what the ID trunnion, or OD bushing is supposed to be?

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Doug in Vegas Avatar
Doug in Vegas Douglas D
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
Did you use a little grease?

quikrx Ralph Hansen
Antioch, IL, USA   USA
1962 Triumph Herald 1200
1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Gloria"
1987 Mazda RX-7 "Mistress"
2003 Toyota Celica GT-S "Natasha"    & more
I've had trouble getting the original factory parts bushings in. They should be a tight fit otherwise they'll start wearing even more on the first drive.

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mkivmarty Avatar
mkivmarty Marty Yanik
N.E.Ohio, USA   USA
Or warm them in some hot water?


trrdster Avatar
trrdster Wayne Tate
Spencer, NC, USA   USA
The front is 3/4 inch and a little less than 1 1/2 inch wide. The sleeve is 1 1/2 inch and the plastic washer type seals are about 1/8 inch, so the brass trunnion is right at 1 1/4 inches wide. The sleeve is a bit over 1/2 wide and 3/8 inside, be sure to use anti seize on the bolt, keep it off the threads.
I'm working on some Energy Suspension bushing filled with graphite right now and will let you know how that comes out. I really got them for the rear of the Spit6 with Spitfire set up. They are the same size inside diameter only 2 inches long on the sleeve, or close to it. .
These are not as hard as the standard, but still firm, I was a little disappointed in that.
Like you, the fronts were a little large from VB, I ran a bolt through it with a large washer on eash side and chucked it up in a drill press and sanded with 220 sandpaper to fit.
I use silicone grease on these fittings.

1970 TR6
2000 Jaguar XK8
1949 Triumph Roadster 2000
1978 Spitfire (rust victim)
1971 GT6 (tarp covered for 12 years, rusted inside out)
1980 Spitfire (getting all the good GT6 parts, all poly suspension and Spax shocks)

Bpt70gt Avatar
Bpt70gt Brian T
Westmoreland, NH, USA   USA
Beautiful car Mike, identical to mine. Vin numbers are even close. The several times I've installed those bushing, (from several sources) they do take a little persuasion to install. I too use a silicone grease to aid.

FlipperD2 Flipper Davis
Dallas, TX, USA   USA
I had the same problem when I rebuilt my GT6 suspension some time back. I put a thin film of wheel bearing grease and said a few choice words and they slide in a little easier. I also put a little anti-seize on the bolt too, like Wayne suggested above.
I was replacing everything with poly bushings too.

If it's not leaking, it's empty.

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cbez Cole B
Fallbrook, CA, USA   USA
I used lube and a c clamp.

1971 Triumph Spitfire MK 4

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