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Which driveshaft to use? 75 Spitfire

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70tbolt Geoff Ullmann
Morgan Hill, CA, USA   USA
My 1975 in process restoration Spitfire came with these two driveshafts. One is a new universal type and the other I was told came from a GT6. The used one has new U joints installed but is missing the steel torque bands. They both appear to be the same length. Any advantages over either one?


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Doug in Vegas Avatar
Doug in Vegas Douglas D
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
Recently someone ordered bands that failed.

trrdster Avatar
trrdster Wayne Tate
Spencer, NC, USA   USA
Geoff, you better measure what you need, as the one on the left has no room for adjustment and the one from the GT6 has.
You can fit the newer style up and run the bolts in but pulling it together will only stretch the motor and transmission mounts. So if that is you choice, get the plates so the length will be right.

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1949 Triumph Roadster 2000
1978 Spitfire (rust victim)
1971 GT6 (tarp covered for 12 years, rusted inside out)
1980 Spitfire (getting all the good GT6 parts, all poly suspension and Spax shocks)

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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
I'm thinking the strap drive shaft (as was OE on my 74) might be too long on your single rail transmission 75.

cbez Cole B
Fallbrook, CA, USA   USA
Avoid straps!!! Mine exploded. The repro ones are stamped out of a cookie sheet or something..

Loving my new driveshaft.

1971 Triumph Spitfire MK 4

Spity Avatar
Spity John Biek
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
Hi Geoff, I have the universal type on my '73. The sliding shaft makes for a perfect fit. Being skinnier it may also be a little smoother, can't think of the correct word, less mass turning, etc. John

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bobbylrowland bobby l
cochran, ga., USA   USA
I think I would go with the one on the right, u joints shouldn't be much more than the straps.

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spitfire50 Avatar
spitfire50 Paul Mugford
Rochester, N.H., USA   USA
If the strap drive one has been assembled without straps the U-joints are out of phase. That will make the shaft vibrate unless it runs exactly straight. There also would be no allowance for changes in length. That will, as Wayne says, put strain on the engine and diff mounts.
BTW the idea John Biek was looking for is a lower moment of inertia.
All the best,

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