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By the numbers

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By the numbers
  This topic is about my 1969 Triumph GT6+ (MkII)
69gt6stopp Avatar
69gt6stopp Paul Stopp
Richmond, BC, Canada   CAN
I started the GT6 + restoration in March 2009, the cost of the basket case vehicle was $1,000. Since then I have done all the work myself, no outside help or expenses. I thought I had been very frugal with my purchases. I had religiously keep all my receipts with the exception of some of the local small purchases.
Imagine my shock when last week I decided to add them all up.............I thought I might be into it for $5,000 so far, but was shocked to realize that the total tally thus far was $8,400. This was not something I was going to report to my wife!
Major purchases still to be done, paint the car and get a passenger seat, then it is final re-assembly where I hope there are not too many other un-suspecting things that crop up.
Was I right to add up the costs? I think it has to be done at sometime, will the car be worth more than $10,000 in the end? I hope so, what does anyone else think?
I guess if I say $1,000 per each year of the build, it does not sound so bad, was it fun? yes, are the costs justified? your guess.
The weather has now turned pretty cold in BC so I do not think the paint will happen until next year when it warms up again. Until then I will continue to tinker with other things.

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bondjbond Avatar
bondjbond Jim Kelly
Reqiured Town, MA, USA   USA
I've got more into mine than you do but never think about the car in those terms. The other night I took it out for a late night rocking ride through our winding back roads that I had all to myself, Priceless.

Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Walla Walla"
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Portland"
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Spokane"
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Dayton"    & more
Not really surprising. have read many reports of costs in this range. I would stay with the per year costs and don't mention the totals.

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Andy-Sherry Avatar
Andy-Sherry Gold Member Andy Martin
Portland, OR, USA   USA
Dont keep anymore receipts

1974 Spit 1500 Carmine Red
1977 Spit 1500 Pink Panther Pink

Always learning something

69gt6stopp Avatar
69gt6stopp Paul Stopp
Richmond, BC, Canada   CAN
I love those thoughts, thanks for your input.
You know what the real kicker is, easily a third of these costs were shipping, duties, taxes, exchange rate via US & UK pound.
However, the real consolation will be when I am finished, I will have a unique custom GT6 like no other, yeh! Too bad, I have yet to drive it under its own power, so can only dream about those first experiences.

Spitnut64 Avatar
Spitnut64 Gold Member John Mills
Milwaukee, WI, USA   USA
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Sarah Jane"
Do you consider the GT6 a friend? ...

... 'cause friends don't keep score.


"Given enough time, an amateur can build anything.”

- Bob Hicks (as quoted in the 1997 "Mariner’s Book Of Days"winking smiley

65or66 Jim B
Lake village, IN, USA   USA
1965 Triumph Spitfire MkII
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Jusanudda Munny Pit"
To make up for the $, you'll have to drive the "Wheeeeee!!!" out of it next year when it's done. Then decide if it was worth itgrinning smiley

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skyking1231 Avatar
skyking1231 Silver Member Frank Strobel
Mt. Sinai, NY, USA   USA
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Lil' Rose"
Bingo ! drinking smiley

In reply to # 1496208 by Andy-Sherry Dont keep anymore receipts

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
"You know what the real kicker is, easily a third of these costs were shipping, duties, taxes, exchange rate via US & UK pound. "

And that has not gotten better over the years! Courier brokerage fees are my pet gripe.

When I was doing my car I would get a good list of things together and drive down to Oregon with cash.

I would also bring all sorts of items back from the UK in my stowed and carry on luggage.
But of course, this was back in the days before 9-11.

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carChips Avatar
carChips Victor Harnish
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1933 MG Magnette
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Chip"
1989 GMC Sierra 1500 "Bush Truck"
No worries Paul, when you drive it, it will all add up.

'S all for now

JohnW63 John Williamson
Apple Valley, CA, USA   USA
I just finished a 1965 Mustang project. ( What to see some pictures ! It's like baby pictures in your wallet. )

I started keeping track of costs, and then lost track of them. My Dad says I'm better off that way. I am pretty sure is well over $10,000. I would guess around $15,000.

$1600 for the car
$1200 for motor machine shop and rebuild kit
$1500 for new brake parts and suspension stuff
$600 for new wire harnesses
$1200 for new interior
$900 for wheels and tires
$1600 for AOD trans and rebuild
$6000 for paint and body ( including dash fix )
$1500 for soda blasting


That's just off the top of my head. Lots of smaller ticket items all will add up too.

So, from MY view, you're doing just fine !

Home of the 1969 GT6+ MK II resurrection project
and a sorry looking 1968 GT6+ parts car trying to stay whole.

69gt6stopp Avatar
69gt6stopp Paul Stopp
Richmond, BC, Canada   CAN
Hi Tony,
Yes me too, my mum is still in England so I would have stuff shipped to her, then pick it up on my summer visits. Of course if its still shipped locally you have to pay the VAT at the time of purchase. These days I am more selective of what I buy there so that it will not be overweight or too big for the suitcase, now that the airlines are more strict.
How the times have changed, too bad.

J.P.Rap Avatar
J.P.Rap J.P. Rap
Mount Hope, ON, Canada   CAN
1976 Triumph 1500 "Donna"
2007 Ford Ranger
This is not exactly on topic but whenever I buy a car I expect it to cost me $1000 per year just to own the car. That is strictly the purchase price and any major repairs would be added to that.
I paid $6000.00 for my 2006 Ranger, put $1000.00 into it, Drove it for 4 years and sold it for $3000.00. In my books that's break even.
I paid $12,000.00 for my 2007 Ranger. If I keep it for ten years and sell it for $2000.00, Im breaking even.
Using that formula Ive profited on some of my vehicles.

I paid $4500.00 for my Spitfire. I'll have about $3000.00 in it by next summer. Ive owned it a year so if I sell it next year I'll have to get $6500.00 to break even. That's not likely to happen but if I sell it in five years for $3000.00, I'm ahead.
That said, I drive my spitfire every day and the enjoyment I get from it is worth well over $1000 a year. My other vehicles are just transportation and the $1000 per year is just the cost of convenience.


"In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant." Elwood P. Dowd

brucejon Avatar
brucejon Gold Member Bruce Jones
Santa Cruz, CA, USA   USA
1962 Triumph TR3B
1963 Triumph TR3B "Tupperware TR3"
1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII
1972 Triumph TR6
My wife calls my TRs my mistresses. But she is ok with that as long as they are LBCs. So I view the costs as the expenses of my affairs, and cheaper than a divorce......

62 TR3B (red), 62 TR3B project, 72 TR6, 69 Mk3 Spitfire EU setup

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