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Alternate source for CV conversion kit ?

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JohnW63 John Williamson
Apple Valley, CA, USA   USA
While waiting for the Rimmer Bros " IT Crowd " to fix my account, my wife ordered them on one she created. ( Hey, it's HER car anyway ! ) I'll be interested in how they look and how hard it is to install them. We're looking to get all the suspension and brake stuff cleaned up or replaced and installed as the first project on the car.

Home of the 1969 GT6+ MK II resurrection project
and a sorry looking 1968 GT6+ parts car trying to stay whole.

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VitesseEFI Avatar
VitesseEFI Nick Jones
Yeovil, Somerset, UK   GBR
The Spitbits kit pictured is the Canley shaft.

Canleys have stopped doing them because demand has been falling off and they didn't feel like stumping up for the minimum order batch (lots) and then having them sitting on the shelf. The outer CVs are 1500 FWD, not 1300 which are smaller.

Jigsaw Racing did (and may still) also sell a kit which is different - uses more modern and very widely available CVJs. However, the outer CV is modified from stock to add a shoulder, which is much smaller than the one on the OE shaft. I have concerns about the resulting lack of support for the inner bearing. I KNOW that no shoulder at all causes failures.......

I have not been selling my Rover 100 (Metro) based kit for several years as the supply of donors has all but dried up. I have never sold a set to the USA. Mostly UK and Europe plus a couple to Australia.

As observed above there are MANY driveshaft components out there and it's entirely possible there is another combination of OEM parts that fit together and will fit EG Ford Focus MK1 CVs fit the R100/MGF hub flange, though I've yet to find a shaft in the right length range that fits the CV!

Fitting the Canley CV kit should be simpler than fitting the Roto driveshaft. Just watch that the CV doesn't bind on the vertical link casting when the hub nut is tightened - some castings need a little fettling to clear.


Bpt70gt Avatar
Bpt70gt Brian T
Westmoreland, NH, USA   USA
Thanks Nick for your efforts, having had my GT6+ since new and having purchased it in the UK back in 1970, I've changed out to many roto couplings over the years, In my search for an alternative quite a few years ago it was evident to me that you were one of the early pioneers in providing a great alternative to the donut. Yours does take the assembly method to a higher standard in that yours doesn't require fiddling with the shims and spacers to set the bearing free play required, Having to get the vertical link bored out to accept the bearings you recommend was the only concern. I am surprised that you never sold one to any US customers.
I also had to do some fettling with the vertical link casting on my GT to clear the CV joint but it was minor. Close to where I live, there is a company that makes custom drive shafts and I've often wondered if I brought my old shaft to them, that they may be able to dream up a better alternative but with demand so limited now I don't see the point in pursuing the effort.

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clshore Carter Shore
Beverly Hills, FL, USA   USA
Stock CV shafts are commonly modified to achieve shorter custom lengths.
Usually this requires little more than cutting new snapring grooves, and trimming off the extra length.

Only when there is no suitable stock CV axle that can be modified is a truly custom axle required.
This is of course more expensive than modfifying an existing one.
But it is not anything particularly exotic or unusual.

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