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bobhaven Avatar
bobhaven Bobby Haven
Brunswick, GA, USA   USA
1979 Triumph 1500 "Junebug"
Hello, everyone-
I just wanted to send a post to say thank you for all the help and great advice I have received from so many of you on this forum throughout the years.
Sadly, I am no longer a Spitfire owner. The storm surge following Hurricane Irma in September flooded my house, leaving about 2 feet of water throughout the house and at least three feet in the garage where sadly my Spitfire was. I tried in vain to rinse it out as best I could, but the insurance adjuster totaled it out and it was towed away a couple weeks ago.
When I bought the car I was by no means a mechanic, and after paying a local shop way too much money to work on it, I discovered this forum and thanks to the patience and great advice from so many of you, I quickly overcame my trepidation to try my hand at fixing the many things that popped up over the years.
To anyone new to this forum, I would like to encourage you to pick the brains of the many Spitfire owners on this site- there is no dumb question (although I know I asked plenty), and it always amazed me at the willingness everyone had to help me out.
Take care,

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corillion Avatar
corillion Cherie Orillion
Covington, LA, USA   USA
1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Tin Lizzy"
Bobs78Spit Avatar
Bobs78Spit Silver Member Bob Berger
St. Louis, MO, USA   USA
Sad to hear that they totaled your Spitfire. Maybe you will chance upon a good deal to get another. You are always welcome here.

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Born Loser Avatar
Born Loser Silver Member Matthew Taylor
Land O Lake, FL, USA   USA
Sad ending. The house is a bigger problem, wish you the best of luck with it. When the dust all finally settles, I am sure you will be back. They don't just leave your blood, once they are in.

1960 Triumph TR3a
1970 Triumph Spitfire MK 3
2012 Mini Cooper SS Convertible
2018 Jaguar F-Pace

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
Very sad! All the best. One day I am sure this will all be behind you!

69gt6stopp Avatar
69gt6stopp Paul Stopp
Richmond, BC, Canada   CAN
Hi Bobby,

That really is too bad to loose your car like that. I guess with all the bad weather and flooding that has been going on down south there will be an awful lot of similar cars ending up like yours.
However there may be an upside to this story, that someone might be selling more original spare parts that have not been affected by the water damage on the salvaged vehicles?

Sorry for your loss,


clshore Carter Shore
Beverly Hills, FL, USA   USA
Just because it got wet?
I've driven my Spitfire through far worse, and had no issues.
Spitfires are much simpler and rugged than modern cars.
You should have bought it for scrap, cleaned it up, and got a salvage title.
(And pocketed the Insurance check)

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Andy-Sherry Avatar
Andy-Sherry Gold Member Andy Martin
Portland, OR, USA   USA
Sad, good luck

1974 Spit 1500 Carmine Red
1977 Spit 1500 Pink Panther Pink

Always learning something

Pats54 Avatar
Pats54 Gold Member Mark M
Maynard, Mass, USA   USA
1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500
2012 Volvo C70 "The Weekender"
What a shame

Sorry to here about your loss Bob, it looked like I great little car.
I hope you find something to fill the void. Best of luck


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jefferygt jeffery Ee
vantucky, WA, USA   USA
So sorry for your family's losses. I can't imagine.
I hope you have Flood insurance.

What is the buy back amount?? WD40 New interior and a rewire and you are back on the road.

SpiTazz72 Avatar
SpiTazz72 Bryan H
Magnolia, TX, USA   USA
Ugh, salt water too. What a shame.

Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Walla Walla"
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Portland"
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Spokane"
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Dayton"    & more
Sorry for the loss , looked like a nice car, and a nice garage.
I am with Carter, et al, have you made an attempt to buy it back from the insurance company? Usually the owner has first shot at it,, and cheaply.

No doubt there is a lot to salvage and not that much to make it run again.


arturo64 Avatar
arturo64 Arthur T
Billings, MT, USA   USA
My first thought was to buy it back too, but then I thought there may be bigger concerns to worry about.

68 spit
70 gt6+

gt350mk Marc Kay
Aurora, CO, USA   USA
I am so sorry to hear that. Not just that your family has had to suffer and your many possessions destroyed during that dumb storm. One day maybe you would have another spitfire or gt6. It seems to be in our blood.

Marc Kay

Gloves Andrew Royal
Nashville, TN, USA   USA
1980 Triumph 1500 "Bee Bee"
Tragic. Sorry mate

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