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Blinker not working!

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cwm3232 Colin M
Boston, MA, USA   USA
Hey guys!

So I noticed the other day that my blinkers stopped working, classic lucas electric I guess, but they work when I turn the hazards on, it's just when I try to use the blinkers that it doesn't respond. I assume that it's a short somewhere but was eager to have any words of advice to anyone who has been through this or knows where that fuse is or knows the best method of trial and error to fix the problem. Thanks everybody!

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DerbyRam54 Neville Wardle
Branford, CT, USA   USA
One thing to bear in mind is that the hazard warning light switch is an on-on switch: one position is to flash all four lights, the other routes the current to the switch for the directionals. Given that the switch isn't used that much it is prone to not making the proper contact for the directionals after you've turned the hazard lights on and then off. You could try operating the switch a number of times, that quite often sorts the problem out on my MGB, although that is a different style of switch to a Spitfire.

lef2wander Avatar
lef2wander Gold Member James Thomas
Hatfield, MA, USA   USA
A short would cause a blown fuse. Your fuse I think is fine. All those lights are on the same fuse. A open ground would cause it to not function. But usually it's just one blub or socket at a time.

Check the column switch and the blinker relay.
Check for power to both.

What year car?
Do you have a wiring diagram?

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spitfire50 Avatar
spitfire50 Paul Mugford
Rochester, N.H., USA   USA
Most likely cause is as Neville says, the hazard switch. when you turn the hazard lights on you also turn the directional signals off.
They aren't fed from the same fuse. Hazards are from the purple circuit fuse which stays on all the time. Signals are from the green circuit fuse which is supplied by the ignition switch, and only works when the ignition switch is on.
Good luck,

Yellowhawk Valley Avatar
walla walla, WA, USA   USA
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Walla Walla"
1969 Triumph Spitfire "Portland"
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Spokane"
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Dayton"    & more
I might just suggest you have run out of blinker fluid but some might thing I was being silly.

But, for us to properly diagnose with you, we need to know the year of the car as the switches and number of flasher units and thus the wiring changed over the years.

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