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LED taillights retro fit - not bulbs

Moss Motors
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Spokester Jerry Joseph
Allentown, PA, USA   USA

Good to hear the install went well. Except for cutting the lens gasket, the install of these boards is simple. I was going to provide a template for cutting slots in the gasket but the new gaskets available at Moss Motorsports are made of some type of kevlar neoprene and really resists cutting. For this reason, I'll provide a pre-cut set of new gaskets with each LED set.

Shown below are pre-cut gaskets and a picture from the bottom of the gasket showing how the PCB spacers fit into the cut slots. Also shown is a brake board for example. Put the gasket in, position the board in the cut slots, replace the lens and screws and done.

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JohnW63 John Williamson
Apple Valley, CA, USA   USA
I need to bookmark this thread. We are a long ways from hooking up lights, but I think LEDs with their MUCH lower current draw is a good idea on these cars.

And I liked this statement from early in the thread:

Quote: I am in a small British car in a land of SUVs.

Home of the 1969 GT6+ MK II resurrection project
and a sorry looking 1968 GT6+ parts car trying to stay whole.

Doug in Vegas Avatar
Doug in Vegas Douglas D
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
Wondering if a reflective background like the tape they sell would show.

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dherr2 Avatar
dherr2 David Herr
Adamstown, MD, USA   USA
1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Rat Rod"
I understand that some lawyer would try to use this information if it was available, but let's face it, driving our 40+ year old cars with their faint brake and taillights, faulty grounds and flickering this and that (and being tiny compared to the huge SUV's ) crowding the road, doing anything we can do to make them safer, is just smart. Pretty much anything we do to our cars is technically "illegal" from replacing brake cylinders with reproductions (that may not have DOT stamped on them), lights that are not the original Lucas DOT versions, etc..... all mean the car is not necessarily as it was when newly manufactured. But I can drive down the road "legally" with my intermittent tail lights flickering, or upgrade to a better bulb using LED's and a digital flasher for the turn signals and a good ground and know at least my lights are working. I'll do that every time and lawyers be damned! My guess is that Haggerty and the other "classic" insurance companies are fine with this, just like they don't care that I have a V8 in my TR4A...

In reply to # 1419668 by clshore Glad to see someone doing this.
You may be in technical violation of Federal (and some State) laws if you operate your car on public roads with this modification..
You may be at risk of liability if an accident occurs and opposition can prove that your lighting was illegal.
Your insurance company will be legally justified in rejecting your coverage.
Does not matter if it's better, does not matter if it's safer.

It's not likely, but it is possible.
Just sayin', it's your choice.

Doug in Vegas Avatar
Doug in Vegas Douglas D
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
Ran across these this morning and figured they would provide a low cost alternative. (Still love the OP's version).


Looks like they'll fit on a square tale. You would lose the arrow shape though.

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