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water in oil

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chalie Charles T
Vineland, NJ, USA   USA
re water in oil 63 tr4 upon further examination the aluminum plug is leaking,thank you tr3. radiator stop leak hopefully will fix it .thanks, chalie

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Bad idea, IMO. If it is leaking, that means it is BADLY corroded from inside the head where you can't see it. It may be close to blowing the entire plug out, which would dump a gallon or more of coolant into the oil in a matter of seconds. Could well damage the engine bearings and crankshaft before you figure out what that strange noise is and get it shut down; especially if you happened to be driving hard at the time.

Also, stop leak has a bad habit of coating various surfaces and basically forming thermal insulation. Even if it doesn't actually block a radiator tube, it can seriously reduce cooling efficiency.

IMO it makes much more sense to dig out the aluminum plug and replace it. The hole can be tapped to pipe threads (ISTR 3/4" NPT but could be wrong) and insert a pipe plug. There are already threads there that are close (but not quite) to 3/4 NPT.,1297721,1297852#msg-1297852

You'll want to be a little careful about letting cuttings and such slide across the head and down the pushrod tubes; but that shouldn't be too hard. Just be sure to brush them the other direction before they migrate. Or you can build a little dam out of modeling clay if you really want to be certain.

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MGB777 Avatar
MGB777 Tim Smith
Oregon, IL, USA   USA
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I agree ,,,,,,,,, don't use stop leak if at all possible ,,,,,,,, look further into the problem before things get worse ,, smoking smiley

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