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POSITIVE ground TR4?????

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TR4EVER James R Sullivan
Tuckasegee, NC, USA   USA
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Hope all are having a great weekend. Trying to sort out more wiring questions. All the wiring diagrams I have and all the books I have show Positive ground wiring. 1962 Triumph TR4. I have mine or at least I think I have set up that way. Positive cable to firewall drivers side at steering column, I think this is basic place. I bought new Positive voltage stablizer that goes under the passenger side dash, inside of the car on outside wall. This has the green/black wire and then single green and double green wires. I posted photo of the set up on the other question I had. I now read something about the generator needs to be polarized. Any current thoughts or ideas or direction would be appreciated. Thanks so much, I just dont want to burn another harness up or at least a ground wire.
Thanks again Randy in the boonies

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
TR4 was originally positive ground (like the earlier TRs); although many people choose to convert to negative.

If your generator has been recently replaced, or previously operated as negative ground; then it will need to be repolarized (basically just get it used to generating positive ground instead of negative).

But it's not likely to damage anything even if it does need to be polarized.

One way to polarize with it installed and wired (but engine not running) is to remove the wire from the 'F' terminal on the control box and brush it against the 'A' terminal. Probably best to not be touching the conductor, but it's only a tiny shock at worst. You may see some small sparks too.

Then put it back on 'F' and Robert is your close relative (or something like that).

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