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Revington TR Adjsutable Fulcrum Kit

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rod-h Avatar
rod-h Silver Member Rodney Hamilton
Lago Vista, TX, USA   USA
Has anyone installed the Revington TR Adjustable Fulcrum Kit?

I've had the kit for a while and I'm getting ready to install it on my '64. I'm wondering how to set the initial adjustment. I'm thinking:

1. Lift the car, place the suspension on jack stands.
2. Take a measurement (should be around 0 degrees)
3. Lift the car off the jack stands.
4. Remove old fulcrum/ install new one
5. Set the suspension back on the jack stands
6. Set the fulcrums to approx. 1.5 degrees negative from first measurement
7. Tighten the fulcrums.
8. Drive around fro a wheel and re-check angle.
9. If good tack weld the fulcrum in place.

Thanks for your input.


The older I get the more cynical I become, but, I can't keep up.

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oldbagpipe Avatar
oldbagpipe Alec Buchan
Bellingham, WA, USA   USA
I don't have anything to offer but am very interested in your project. I have looked at several different ideas and am undecided as to which direction to go.

malbaby Avatar
malbaby malcolm baker
kyabram, Australia   AUS
As a matter of interest Rod, what camber do you have ATM.

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Tommys4 Platinum Member Thomas G
Ojai, Calif., USA   USA
Hello Rodney
I to have this kit and its on my car, However the suspension has to come apart. The rear fasteners are a nut and bolt, the fulcrum will not
come out with the spring in the car. Once the nut is out the fulcrum can now be removed. You will need to weld the nuts in place so the fulcrum came
be moved or adjustable. All this and move are in the instructions. Follow them to the letter, and you will be just fine. It sounds like you have a good
understanding already.................Good luck with this project it will be awesome...............
Hope i helped some................ TM German

P1010013 (3).JPG    64.1 KB
P1010013 (3).JPG

TRMark Avatar
TRMark Mark Richlen
Billings, MT, USA   USA
I modified my upper a arms to get some negative camber.

A-arm.jpg    34.8 KB

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