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Using the TR4 Heater

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Trike4 Marcus G
Brighton, MI, USA   USA
1963 Triumph TR4
1963 Triumph TR4 "Trike"
Okay, maybe everyone knows this already, but it took me a longtime to realize how to optimize the heating ventilation system in the TR4.

When it's Really Cold Out
With the scuttle vent closed, the heater fan can only pull air from the cowl vents. Shutting off the floor heat will direct warm air to defrost the windscreen and back through the cowl vents helping to demist the windows.
Open the floor vent halfway and you get warm air circulating past your feet and legs and back to the cowl vents and a little defrost.
Adjusting the heat lower will help keep the windshield from fogging if it's wet outside.

When it's jut a little chilly but comfortable
Open the scuttle vent and now air will pour through the heater and cowl vents, but the air from the cowls is not heated. If its dry outside fresh air coming through the heater to floor and windshield will be nice.

If it's not cold out
Shut off the heat valve and open the scuttle vent and air will come out the cowl vents and floor and windshield area as you direct it.

If you are by yourself, shut off the passenger cowl vent and the heated air will cycle mostly around you.

If your windscreen fogs up and the defrost wont clear it with warm circulating air pull your cotton cloth out of the glovebox and wipe every couple minutes.

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