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Boot lid seal

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Boot lid seal
  This topic is about my 1967 Triumph TR4A
James E Avatar
James E Silver Member Jimmy Campbell
Bedford, VA, USA   USA
I've tried both ways, the raised lip to the inside and to the outside. Doesn't close either way!

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Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
These seals leave a lot to be desired and the TR boot seal is no exception!

BL50 Avatar
BL50 Silver Member Brian Leslie
Grosse Pointe, MI, USA   USA
Do a search ... this has been discussed a number of times. Here's one for example ... there are many more.,893565

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Vila Avatar
Vila Robert Beers
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA   USA
1933 Chevrolet Master "The 33"
1962 Triumph TR4 "The TR4"
1964 Vespa VNB 125 "The Old Vespa"
1984 BMW 633CSi "The 633"    & more
I had the same problem then I read the following on one of the Triumph Forums several years ago.

1. I took the bottom section of the weather strip loose that runs next to the rear bumper and up to near the bottom of the tail lights.

2. Use an Exact knife to cut the weather strip groove, that fits over the metal boot lip, approximately 3/16 to 1/4 inch deeper than original.

3. I then used 3M Black Super Weather Strip and Gasket Adhesive (3M # 08581) to glue the weather strip back on and used blue painters tape to hold in place until the adhesive dried, then the boot lid closed fine.

Before attempting the above steps I had also tried to attach it using numerous clamps and others had discussed, but could not get the weather strip in close enough to the body to get the lid closed and latched.


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rsanford Raleigh Sanford
Millington, TN, USA   USA
This sounds like what I need to do. Is this stuff from Wal-mart in the photo the right stuff.

e0d648b9-ea34-4896-b8d4-31a4318e75bc_1.4152afabf79b508903555104fe2a75bc.jpeg    23.6 KB

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