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1954 TR2 Headlight Buckets

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1954 TR2 Headlight Buckets
  This topic is about my 1954 Triumph TR2
ts2183o Marc H
Ashburn, VA, USA   USA
Team, I did a search for this question and was not able to get the information that i am looking for. Ultimately I am looking to replace the rubber gasket - headlight to body. I was able to get the chrome rim off easily, the adjustment ring and lamp but could not figure out how to separate the bucket from the front cowl. Are there some hidden fasteners or is it likely that the buckets have been painted solid? I need some help from you'all that may have done this gasket change.

thank you

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CJD john durant
Southlake, TX, USA   USA
Only 3 screws. Everything there is to the TR2 headlight bucket:

Southlake, TX

'55 TR2

TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
If memory serves, on the early original buckets, once the lamp is out of the way you should see 3 keyhole shaped holes. Turn the ring with the holes until the adjustment screw heads can slip through the large part of the keyhole and remove the ring.

Then there should be 3 round head slotted screws visible that fasten the actual bucket to the front apron. There is a good chance that they will be rusted too badly to remove; as usual there is a captive nut behind that often will turn and block removal. I used a cheap angle grinder (from HF) and abrasive cutoff blade to carefully remove the heads, so the bucket could be removed. FLAPS had some nice little nylon inserts that fit perfectly into the square holes and ISTR came with pan head sheet metal screws to fit into the insert.

Although the bulb holder is different (for US spec cars), you can see the keyholes in the ring on the left, and the spring loaded adjustment screws that fit into them on the right in this photo from the workshop manual. Three of the unidentified holes in the bucket are where the bolts into the body go.

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untitled.JPG    40.1 KB

ts2183o Marc H
Ashburn, VA, USA   USA
guys, this is great and I did get the three blade style screws out as well as the adjuster screws. That said, the bucket should just pop out and I suspect that it has been seated for so long, it is just compressed and painted in and I have to mess with it to get it out. Will likely get back to it later this week and will let you all know.

thank for all the great observations!

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