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lgray001 Gold Member Larry Gray
Lexington, VA, USA   USA
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This weekend I was elected Membership Chairman of the Shenandoah Valley British Car Club.

One of the things I want to make an effort to achieve is recruiting young members as most of our members are 50+.

I would appreciate any suggestions from the forum membership.


Larry Gray


I've received 65 responses in one day from the various forums.

Thanks for your input.


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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Get the cars as visible as possible; preferably with someone around who likes to talk about them. I can't count how many young people (well, younger than me anyway smiling smiley ) have come up to me in parking lots at restaurants and so on, with variations on "Wow, I've never seen anything like this". (Older people tend to talk about having had one in college or whatever.)
Having some club business cards to pass out is good, too. Or better yet, some old newsletters, so when they ask "Where can I get one?", you can show them the classified ads in the back. Then when they say "I guess parts are hard to get", show them the ads from parts vendors.

Some of our local restaurants actually schedule car shows. Although generally they center around older American cars & hot rods; you might be able to stage a "British Invasion" to get more exposure. Or just show up and join the crowd; they usually aren't too picky.

Many towns publish a periodic newsletter with local events, etc. Make sure your club meetings, shows, etc. are listed in those. For meetings and driving events, I suggest emphasizing that anyone with an interest is welcome (don't have to own a car to come to a meeting, driving events are "run what you brung", etc)

Looking over your facebook page, I'd say you could maybe emphasize the more common cars a bit more. I mean, I like the HRG 1500, and the Cobra, and the XK120 but I suspect most people will look at them and think "I could never own anything like that." It's the MGBs and TR6s that suck new members into the hobby IMO. Low cost is just as important now as when the cars were new (which is why the cars are still relatively common, they sold a bunch of them back in the day).

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