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Original lever shocks 59 TR3A

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Fertman7 Richard Kopec
Montclair, NJ, USA   USA
Original lever shocks never refilled or checked in self restoration. Front end rebuild not to long ago not done by me so not familiar with front shocks if any. Ride (especially rear) is starting to get to me and my ass. Bought some fork oil to try and have them refilled but not an easy task obviously so never done. Suggestions please not necessarily interested in keeping it stock and will not do the work myself. Thanks in advance this site and its pros are great.

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M. Pied Lourd Pied Lourd
Newmarket, ON, Canada   CAN
Hi Richard,

Perhaps this will help?


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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Just topping up the shocks is a bit of a chore, but not all that difficult. Should be part of your annual service, when you also top up the differential, lube the rear wheel bearings, springs, hand brake and so on. Jack up the rear and support it; then remove the road wheels. Clean the area around the shock filler plugs, then remove the plug. (ISTR the plug is a British size, maybe 1/4 Whitworth?) A pump type oil can is an easy way to get oil into the shock with a minimum of spillage.

Chances are, if they don't obviously leak, the shocks are still working well enough. But if not, send them off to Kai at
They will rebuild them literally better than new, with roller bearings and modern seals. Be sure to contact them first and get the order form, as there are a lot more options than you would think.

But your harsh ride is more likely due to ignoring periodic maintenance on the springs. Rust between the leaves adds friction, that can make the ride much harsher than it should be. (The book calls for this every 6000 miles, but I would recommend at least yearly even if you don't drive that much. Rust never sleeps.)

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