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Modification on original oil filter housing

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jacodauge James D.
Lodi, CA, USA   USA
I think I may have asked this question a couple years back but I don't think the question was ever answered. Back in 1972, I was having problems with my oil pressure and instead of going through systematically and trying to find what the actual problem was (main bearings, oil pump, etc.) someone told me about a modification that had been done on some race engines of that era to increase oil flow where they had plugged the bypass valve and just made sure they changed the filter element more frequently. I don't want to bore you with my story but the engine has not been started since.
I did the modification back in 72 but am now in the process of restoration and am having second thoughts about weather I plugged the wrong oil passage. In the two photos shown you can see what I did by drilling out the oil passage that had the bypass (ball) valve in it, threaded the passageway and screwed a large setscrew into the passageway that used to house the bypass valve that was supposed to let oil circulate even though the oil filter may be completely full of contaminants and not letting enough oil flow through the filter. I really don't want to look for another filter housing. If anyone out there has any advice for me or affirmation that I didn't totally screw it up, I would be appreciative. Jaco

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
I believe that's the right valve, anyway.

Not sure I agree that no oil is better than unfiltered oil, but I guess it's your engine.

Don't forget though, the oil pressure takeoff is before the filter, so if your filter does get clogged, the gauge won't show it.

PS, something you might not know, earlier TR3 fed unfiltered oil to the gallery all the time. The filter was a bypass, the filtered oil was put back into the pan. I forget the change point offhand, somewhere around TS 12000.

56 TR3 TS13571L daily driver
71 Stag LE1473L awaiting engine rebuild
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CJD john durant
Southlake, TX, USA   USA
All the racers made that mod. As you pointed out, if you change your filter regularly, I can't see how it would make a difference, unless the bypass spring was weak enough to open at higher RPM.

Randall brings up a great point...the TR3 reading the pressure ahead of the filter. If I had that mod I would likely want to move the pick-up point for the gage to one of the gallery plugs on the side of the block, so you know if something happened to block the filter by reading it on the gage.

Southlake, TX

'55 TR2

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