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New TR3 Project - I am a sick person

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LGMTR6 Avatar
LGMTR6 Larry Miceli
Mount Dora, FL, USA   USA
1952 MG TD
1954 MG TF 1500
1958 Triumph TR3A
1967 MG MGB GT    & more
I completely understand... here's my TR3 going to the body shop last weekend! It was also light blue!

Larry Miceli
Mount Dora, Florida

52 MG TD (restored)
54 MG TF 1500 (project)
56 Triumph TR3 (project)
67 MGB GT (restored)
68 MGC GT (nice driver)
68 Triumph TR 250 (nice driver)
71 Triumph Stag (driver)
73 Triumph Stag (project)
74 Triumph TR6 (restored)

I've just never really figured out the "sell one when you get another" part of it all...

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IMG_3570.JPG    38.8 KB

dre95060 David Emberson
Santa Cruz, CA, USA   USA
The body looks to be in great shape! Clean her up, replace all the fluids (including the gasoline), charge the battery and see if she fires up!

Enjoy the journey!

Dave Emberson

sagebrushbob Avatar
sagebrushbob Bob Teal
La Quinta, CA, USA   USA
It's a lot more fun at this stage!

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IMG_1164.jpg    52 KB

davem Avatar
davem dave m
vancouver island, BC, Canada   CAN
hi mike sorry i missed your post re mirrors

-the ones on my car are just the ones from TRF
# hac1528 $49 each
they do the trick , just had to make sure they were placed so the bonnet would open

CJD john durant
Southlake, TX, USA   USA
Where did Tod go?

Southlake, TX

'55 TR2

woodtriumph Avatar
woodtriumph Randy Bauder
I agree that this is a really good starting place for a restoration project. It looks pretty original...and judging by the length of the storage...it may be mostly unmolested. Hopefully you can convince the spousal unit to leave it the original color...and keep it a original as possible...they are only original once!

1957tr3greentub4me michael alford
pilo t mountain, NC, USA   USA
1957 Triumph TR3 "Oilleak"
look at it like this, she plans to keep you around for quite a while ,lucky guy

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Doubledroptop Avatar
Doubledroptop David Freet
Chandler, AZ, USA   USA
1971 Triumph TR6 "White Ghost"
At least it looks like it is all one piece and did not come in a bunch of boxes. It is a large plus that the better half is on board from the beginning. Have a great Holiday Season.

awilco Andy W
Bumpass, VA, USA   USA
Pulled one out of a garage yesterday. It had been sleeping for 20 years

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20171224_103553.jpg    91.1 KB

triumphrick Avatar
triumphrick Silver Member Rick Thompson
Masaryktown, FL, USA   USA
Awesome...seems like more and more of them are popping up after being put away for a few years..

I am on my second restoration of my TR....TS51292 LO.

I got her in '82 and she was BRG. All of my MG's and Triumphs had been red, so it got a signal red paint job. Then the VTR starting posting up build sheets and I found she was originally powder blue...this time around she gets her blue paint back!

Keep us informed of your progress.

Here is a link to my restoration thread as it is coming along..http://www.triumphexp.com/phorum/read.php?6,1452430

awilco Andy W
Bumpass, VA, USA   USA
Wow, you have done a great job. Making mine a driver for now. Your Toyota trans looks like the way to go. I was not lookng for the Tr3, it kinda found me. Im just starting to build a 30x40 garage/shop which is now on hold for a while. Do you know if the wheels and body will handle a larger tire than the current 165-15. Thank you Andy

GGTR Avatar
PARIS, ile de france, France   FRA
Hello from Paris!
Is it a new game to play to "who is the sick guy? If yes then I should participate. I have
- a black TR3 59 "normal", restored 30 years ago,
- a BRG TR3A 59 "Rallye" restored en 1998 according my own spécifications
- a blue TR3 57 "small mouth" , not completley finished yet
- AND I just acquired a WRECK: a 1960 TR3 ITALIA , number 167 and to find the missing spare parts will be a huge challenge.... if you know where to get spare parts, Ipay you a drink on the Chams Elysées.
See you on the road next year, I will drive from NY to Vancouver witht the TR3 "small mouth"!

TR3A 59 Normal.jpg    38.7 KB
TR3A 59 Normal.jpg

TR3A 59 rallye.jpg    36 KB
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TR3 small mouth 57.JPG    51 KB
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TR3 Italia.JPG    57.5 KB
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JoeOtero Avatar
JoeOtero Silver Member Joe Otero
Lexington, KY, USA   USA
1963 Triumph TR3B
1968 Triumph GT6 MkI "Cali"
1971 TVR Vixen
1972 TVR Vixen
Congrats Andy.. Looks to be in great condition... Hope to see more pics as you get started...

Joe Otero

awilco Andy W
Bumpass, VA, USA   USA
Joe, Thanks LOL LOL LOL, Its a start and already a challange for sure. Yes, will post pics..

ShortBulge Avatar
ShortBulge Brian LeBlanc
Falls Church, VA, USA   USA
My brother was just complaining about Bumpas yesterday
- ...got off to LadySmith then had to drive another hour!
- i never even heard of it...

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