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TR2/3/4 engine parts for sale in central Texas [Texas, USA]

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DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1971 Morgan Plus 8 (+8)
I have accumulated a number of used TR 3/4 engine parts that I need to clear out of my garage. Most of these are perfectly usable for someone who wants to build a budget engine. Many of these were taken off race engines when being rebuilt and replaced not due to wear but due to the owner wanting to upgrade during rebuilds.

Unfortunately I have not created a complete inventory of parts but here is what I did take note of:

A. Block, TS 68737E
B. Block, TS 26729E (1959 TR3, I think)

Engine, TR4 CT63220E (later type head with aluminum pushrod tubes), complete with valve cover, water pump, fan, timing cover and clutch. Does not turn over by hand.

#1 crankshaft: Mains cut to 0.020", rod journals cut to 0.010" undersize. Journals are in reasonable condition.
#2 crankshaft: Main journals already cut to 0.010" undersize, rod journals cut to 0.020" undersize. #4 journal is questionable, with a groove that may remain after being cut to 0.030" undersize. I don't trust my calipers to indicate this clearly.
#3 crankshaft: I think there is a third crankshaft in storage as well -- if someone is interested I'll dig it out and update this list.

A. Head (bare) -- valve guide centerlines were drilled off-center, presumably to allow room for for larger valves
B. Head (bare) -- stock, small repairable crack between cylinders #3 and #4
C. Head (bare) -- TR4 high port. 3.2+ inches thick. Previous crack repair between combustion chambers for #2 and #3. Exhaust guide ID is bigger than stock. Valve spacing seems to be stock.
D. Head (bare) -- early high port TR3, stock thickness

Camshafts: three, used (I know what "wiped" lobes look like but these look OK). I believe these have a stock street grind but am not sure.
Pistons: four 83mm, many 86mm
Liners: three 83mm, many 86mm (perhaps some 87mm as well; ask and I'll rummage through the parts and update this list)

Connecting rods, stock: many. I will match them by weight if necessary
Pushrods, stock: many
Miscellaneous: lifters, oil pans, timing covers, front mounting plate, oil pumps and valve covers

Interested parties can reach me through this forum but it's best to contact me directly. I really hate to recycle all of this but I must clear some space in my shop!

Duncan Charlton
Elgin, Texas
duncan.charlton (at)

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