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convert tr8 to manual steering

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convert tr8 to manual steering
  This topic is about my 1980 Triumph TR8
Charlie D Gold Member Charles Dankmeyer
Arnold, MD, USA   USA
I've had it with my power steering. I suspect everyone on this forum knows they are troublesome. I want to convert to a tr7 manual rack. Not into autocrosses, just a cruiser so don't need quick ratio box. Can anyone point me to an article explaining what parts are required and what is the procedure to complete the conversion? Thanks

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TeeR8 Avatar
TeeR8 Gold Member Henri Lefebvre
Calgary, AB, Canada   CAN

Mt TR8 was converted to a TR7 manual steering rack during a previous restoration.
To my knowledge you will need the TR7 manual rack and the TR7 lower steering column shaft. The TR7 lower shaft is necessary because it is a bit longer to reach the rack. You could get by with the TR8 shaft but not safe or advised.

TR8todd will certainly have more definitive information on this conversion.

1980 TR8, Platinum
1971 MGB GT, Midnight Blue

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TR8todd Avatar
TR8todd Todd Kishbach
Mass, USA   USA
1977 Triumph TR7 "Rally Fraud"
1978 Triumph TR8
1979 Triumph TR7
1980 Triumph TR8    & more
Henri nailed it. Just need the TR7 rack and the lower arm. Bolts up the same as the power rack. Treat yourself to new boots, and tie rod ends. The real early ones were the closer racks at 3.9 turns lock to lock. Those were only around for a couple of model years and then they were switched to 4.5 turns lock to lock. The one thing I keep finding is broken cups inside the ends of the rack. The inner tie rod has a ball and it sits inside a cup. There are also some real thin spacer washers in there. If you sit the rack on a table, the ends should be able to hang straight out without falling. If they drop as soon as you let go if the, then there is something inside that needs attention. Going rate for a good used rack is $50 to $100, but I'm not sure I have any at the moment. Swapping them into TR3s has gotten to be real popular and there has been a run on TR7 racks lately. Hardest part about swapping them is taking the pump bracket off the front of the engine. To get the power rack out, its easier if you support the car and lower the subframe a little.

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Mr. Nuts Peter N
Tucumcari, NM, USA   USA
If you are looking for a rack and Todd can not fix you up, I've got several of them around here removed from rust free Arizona cars. I'll include the shaft but, probably will need boots and cleaning for $100 plus shipping. You'll need to drop the K-member to remove the power rack, but, the manual rack will go in with the K-member dropped or installed.

Or you could buy this shaft and I'd sell the rack for $75..

GeorgeOhr Nonya Business
Yes, confused, USA   USA
Never tried this on a rack but on steering boxes all you have to do is bypass the pump and connect the lines and v'iola; instant manual steering.

marko66 Mark OBrien
Anacortes, WA, USA   USA
I’m in Az. If I were closer, I’d trade you the setup out of my Partz car. I’d deal with the headache so I could have power steering in my 7

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