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Instrument Panel fixing clock, tach, bulbs, wiring

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Darth V8R Vance Navarrette
Beaverton, OR, USA   USA
1980 Triumph TR8 "Wedgie"
In reply to # 1498884 by jkosturik Vance,

You are a wealth of knowledge. Any opinions on my last post (#14) would be appreciated!


Welcome to the world of old cars. Isn't it fun discovering all the hidden little hack jobs? grinning smiley

Dreaded Previous Owners (a.k.a. DPO) inflict so much on our cars. How about upside down head gaskets that blow in 500 miles? How about mis-wiring the cockpit courtesy lights such that they cannot be switched off, and the solving the problem by removing all the light bulbs? Got a blown fuse for a headlight? Just hook both headlights to the single remaining fuse so that you keep blowing fuses, and can't figure out why. Just a few of my little adventures. Trust me, it feels like wiring hell (OK, so it is wiring hell). We have all been through it.

The good part is when you get it all sorted out, you feel very MANLY. smileys with beer

When the coolant is old the low coolant light comes on, and who wants a low coolant light on all the time? The DPO's first solution is to pull the wire off the sensor, but that doesn't fix it because an old coolant is what turned on the low coolant light in the first place, so he yanks out the module assuming it is the culprit. Perhaps in a fit of anger, he cuts off the wires that remind him of his ineptitude. And there you are.

I suspect the coolant delay plug is up under dash somewhere, you will probably find it so don't sweat it for now. But my guess is the module is long gone.

The matchbook sized silver can is a delay unit. It is there so that the low fuel light doesn't flicker when the fuel level just begins to tickle the low fuel switch in the tank. Thus, the light will come on and stay on (more or less) when the fuel is getting low.

BTW, Robsport in the UK sells new circuit boards for the instrument cluster if you can't track one down. I bet if you ask them nicely, they will sell you a coolant delay module as well. Great bunch of car enthusiasts.


1980 Platinum Metallic TR8, navy blue interior
Bare metal respray, Crower cam, raised compression
ported heads, modified Zenith carbs, 0.060" overbore

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