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Gave the 7 a bath

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7 Spider Evan V
Provo, UT, USA   USA
Gave the 7 a bath

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Rburgess Avatar
Rburgess Randy Burgess
Fresno, CA, USA   USA
Hello Evan,

Nice car, I have a Spider too….as “rare” as Spiders are suppose to be, ever notice that you see them everywhere?

petrolhead Bart K.
Bles, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands   NLD
1957 MG MGA 1500 Coupe
1976 Triumph TR7 "Simply Red"
In reply to # 1494750 by 7 Spider Gave the 7 a bath

Me too, but one of the less clean and not-so-amusing kind..
Happened last winter here in NL on an extremely icey road. I went no faster than 15kmh, but the road was downhill and in a corner.
Cursing, praying, braking, steering, and accelerating; it all made no difference as I slowly and smoothly slid into the muddy pond.

Luckily I was so quick to immediately turn of the engine and disengage the 12V headswitch before I hit the water.
Lots of steam were coming out of the pond around the engine, and I was almost sure the block must've cracked. The pond was ice cold and the engine on temp.
I was able to step out of the car onto dry land without wetting myself the smallest bit. I did slip out on the road right after, which made clear that it indeed was extremely slippery.

I called for a tow truck as I tried to warn oncoming traffic to slow down in an attempt to spare them from the same misery I had driven myself into, and also from wrecking my car by crashing on top of it.
A few cars nearly got the same fate as I did, if it wasn't for their ABS system. I luckily managed to signal a salt spreader truck to drive over the road a few times to reduce the ice layer.
With my help, the tow truck managed to pull my TR7 out of the pond without wrecking my suspension, and luckily, it was covered by insurance.

Things revealed to be a lot better than I anticipated for, so I guess the praying did actually help. grinning smiley
One trip with the car trailer to my workshop, 4 entire days of cleaning, but 0 chips, dents or scratches, and €0,- of damage!!
On top of it, I also was completely unscratched and dry from head to toe. Due to the quick reaction of turning of the engine, only a tip of the corner of the airfilter was wet, indicating that the engine didn't ingest any water.

I found this a good moment to replace all the fluids, to be sure that I didn't have any water in them.
I have driven more than 10000km with it since, and the engine seems to have survived the extreme thermal shock just fine. I'm still utterly surprised by that.
Those kms didn't give any aftermath problems too, much to my relief.

In my 4 years of driving,(i'm only 21) it's still the only accident I have had in my life, and it didn't cost me anything but time.

Despite my luck, I still strongly recommend against crashing your beloved wedges into a pond.. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
But I did feel the need to share this story.

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nick Avatar
nick nick m
Bend, OR, USA   USA
Excellent story.


7 Spider Evan V
Provo, UT, USA   USA
That is what i thought a while back. I randomly saw one at a shop close to where I live. Almost couldn't believe it.

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