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posi Don Positano
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Hello All
I am the original owner of a 1975 Triumph TR7, I have performed all the work ever done on her until recent years and for a number of reasons I have had any and all work done by a great English car mechanic in Toronto. My question pertains to the Gages, as you know this was one of the first Leyland vehicles to have a full cluster and I have grown to lose confidence in their accuracy and dependability. I have lived with the Fuel Gage being so so in accuracy but no prob if in doubt go to the gas bar; but the coolant gage completely stopped working last year and with the last few drives it doesn't feel good not knowing your running temps. This situation has lead me to satisfy a long time dream of having an Oil Pressure Gage. I went on line and finally came to an Auto Meter Auto Gage Two Gage Console at Performance Improvements Speed Shops Ltd. Both gages as I would like, they look good and would match well to the look of the Cluster and have a green back lighting, bonus. I took the kit to Joe at JD Auto and he recognized there could be possible fitment issues and to make a long story shorter he felt he could and would modify the issue with the fitting of specifically the Oil Pressure install at the old and current Oil Pressure switch ( by the way the old switch is an AC Delco unit)
Just as an aside to all the info, I have been a lifer in the Car Industry apprenticed at a GM dealership and for the last forty plus years have worked in Vehicle Leasing and Sales. i currently run my Leasing and Sales operation from a GM (Closed in2009) turned Nissan Dealership and one of the older techs mid sixties like me is one of the best techs i have ever met has numerous old toy cars to name one a 1967 Fiat Dino (Ferrari) I showed him the Auto Gage console and he thought that there may be issues with the
Oil P/Gage. This all leads to the question I have and that is who might have a better solution to my Gage challenges

The Auto Gage Auto Meter Part Code is AU2392
Thanks to All of you and Hope to hear back from someone


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sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA

While I have never had a problem with my gauge cluster I can sympathize with your problem. Whatever you do, one thing I have learned after owning a TR-7 for 37 years is having a properly functioning water temp gauge is absolutely critical. It's the most important gauge! Also if you think you've got it bad with a twitchy gas gauge try driving a Lotus Super Seven the gas gauge is a dipstick!

dhuddleson Avatar
dhuddleson David Huddleson
Manotick, ON, Canada   CAN
Have you tried to confirm that your issues are actually at the dash or with the sender units on the engine? It is easy enough to pull the wire connector off the temperature or oil pressure senders and ground them to some point in the engine bay. A second person can look at the dash to see if the gauge needle heads to the "top" immediately... (ignition key ON of course).

If you have not verified this way, I suggest you start there! The actual gauges are not normally the items to fail first!

Oh, and I had a 1972 Fiat Dino Coupe many years ago, so I can appreciate what your mechanic friend has. Is it a convertible?

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Bergie Bob Berg
Powell, OH, USA   USA
Posi...another option for you is to get new original gauges from CAI gauge in the UK...CAI is the original company making Smiths Instruments gauges today and made the triumph TR7 & 8 gauges back in late 70's early 80's (not the clock)...they make classic half gauges that match our original temp, voltage and fuel level and have an oil pressure gauge as well (60 psi available) and you can get them with original TR7/8 font as fitted in the original instrument a few options...

1) call Gavin Roberts at CAI gauge in England and have them put together what you need to replace the defect gauges in your instrument cluster..if you want exact OEM they will supply because I had them make the silkscreen with original font....

2) buy standard off the shelf Smiths gauges available new from speed shops-UK in classic half scale that match pretty close in black..,dialface:classic,

3) use auto meter, etc other gauges...

I would check your fuel sender and grounds in the fuel tank first to make sure its broken in the instrument cluster....see pic of dual oil pressure/oil temp gauge and second pic classic half scale gauge with oil pressure at 60 psi and off the shelf oil pressure/oil temp gauge......

CAI gauges custom.jpg    46.4 KB
CAI gauges custom.jpg

GD1310-19B078.JPG    32.8 KB
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