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New starter but still problems

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chrissorensen11 Chris Sorensen
Santa Clarita, CA, USA   USA
Last weekend, I installed a new starter because the old one wasn't doing too well. For about three days all was well, but then I started noticing that it would take about 3 seconds of the starter turning before the engine would start. A couple nights ago, I was going home and the starter would turn over but wouldn't start the engine. Then, right now (8:25 p.m.) the car stalled on me while waiting at an intersection!! I couldn't get it to turn over again and had to have my dad come help me push it out of the intersection, and luckily a friend of mine lives on the other side of the intersection!

For as long as I've had the car, I would need to keep my foot on the gas for the first 30 seconds after starting, or else the car would die. After 30 seconds, the idle speed stabilizes around 800rpm. This makes me wonder if the idle speed is too low, because once the car warms up, it idles at 900rpm.

I've replaced the starter, battery, starter relay, and cleaned all the connections. What should I look at now? My dad thinks the fuel line/ filter or air filter have junk in them and that is the reason for the varying idle speeds. For now, I'm going to pull back the idle speed bolt, because I think that is a reason for long start times and and idle speed being low enough for it to stall while in neutral. As of right now, I just need to get the car started and back home...

Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Chris Sorensen

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sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA

It sounds like your talking about two different problems and you may have solved one of them, the starter. It doesn't sound like the second(idle)is related to the first(starter). The idle speed of 800 to 900 rpm is about right. The hard starting could be numerous things; fuel, spark, timing, etc. If it was me the first thing I'd check would be the timing. If it finally starts after a lot of cranking your getting gas so I'd check the condition of the carbs. If you've got air leaks in the carbs due to age and wear that could make the car difficult to start and could cause an uneven idle.

bowen6951 Avatar
bowen6951 Gold Member rob bowen
Fontana, CA, USA   USA
Hi Chris,
you might want to contact Steve Hedke, he is in your area and familiar with Wedges. You can find him through the TRSC Facebook. Thanks, Rob

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chrissorensen11 Chris Sorensen
Santa Clarita, CA, USA   USA
Mine is a FI so no carb problems possible! ill have to look into the timing...

darrellwalker Darrell Walker
Vancouver, WA, USA   USA
1966 Triumph TR4A "Christy"
1981 Triumph TR8 "Kate"
In reply to # 1491212 by chrissorensen11 Mine is a FI so no carb problems possible! ill have to look into the timing...

But that opens up some other possibilities, like cold start injector, extra air valve are both worth looking at.

Darrell Walker
66 TR4A IRS-SC CTC67956L
81 TR8 SATPZ458XBA406206
Vancouver, WA, USA

mcmahontr7 Chris McMahon
Fort Worth, TX, USA   USA

Been there done that. I've been playing with the idle and timing for years now trying to perfect it. There is a slight error in the rpm gauge and a unit you plug in. My gauge showed 200rpm more than the actual tested unit. So when my gauge showed 1000rpm, the actual was 800rpm. Anyway, with the new fuel and age of the vehicle, I have always set my RPM cold to 1000. The RPM always goes up when hot to around 1200-1400 rpms. Although the car sounds great when it's hot and idling at 1000rpms, if I was gonna start it in the morning while cold it would be tough and I will have to feather and play with the gas pedal for about 30sec. That is ok for a carb car, but not a fuel injected car.
Set it to 1000 or 1100 and make sure the timing is where you want it. Check it out for a couple days then go from there.


martin80spider Martin D
Moneta, VA, USA   USA
1980 Triumph TR7 "Spider"
Chris, sorry to hear about your starter problems. I've been there. Cleaned starter contact and battery contacts....worked until the starter died. I had a high-price sports car shop replace the original one with and upgraded new one...not Lucas.....this solved my problem. The new one turns the motor over faster. I own a TR7 Spider 5 speed w/twin carbs. Good luck Chris.

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