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RacingDreamz Ben Jones
Mountain City, TN, USA   USA
Today, I changed the plugs. Put NGK in. Started it up and it immediately smoothed out. Took it out for a short spin, ran like a scalded dog. Nice and smooth. No hesitation, stutter or miss at all. Very strong pulling. Handled like a dream. It actually handed like a new car. It does have all new suspension front and back(bushings, struts, brakes, etc). It really felt good. But it did still stink, exhaust. The bad gas is still very prevalent. I'm going tomorrow to get 5 gal of hi test to put in it and the rest of the carb cleaner in the tank. That should clear all that up. But when I pulled back into my drive, at idle speed, it did stutter again and die. Started it back up, revved it a bit and it was fine. So, all along it was bad plugs and very bad gas.

I also sanded it down today. First sand to get all the really rough edges off. I'll go over it again, then again with a finer grit. It'll be ready for paint. All this car needs now, is paint and a top. And still got the performance engine besides. smiling smiley

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