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anybody thinking about doing a V8 conversion

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TR8todd Todd Kishbach
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The TR8 uses a different radiator attachment system than the 7. The 8 angles top back bottom forward. The lower part sits lower and forward, but the top part positions the whole rad forward under the front cowl more than a TR7. The AC cars had a complete 2 piece unit that caged the AC fans and did all the mounting and positioning. The Non AC 8s had a very similar lower mount and the tops looked like TR7 top mounts but longer, and they point to the front instead of the rear. The top ones are available from Rimmers, but they are not cheap. Don't know about the lowers being available or not. Best bet is to fabricate them. I have fabricated drop brackets that bolt to the body and locate a TR7 lower support where the TR8 one sits. Not difficult to do. Tops will be a little harder to do. I have both AC and non AC supports in my stash if you need pics. Reluctant to sell them because nobody wants to pay what they are worth. My advise is to fabricate your own, but thats easy for me to say, because I have the parts here to copy, and 8s to look at. Hard to make something you can't visualize.

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