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Well, since purchasing the TR 250 back in June and doing some rudimentary adjustments/improvements 2 weeks ago after thinking i had the bugs worked out the engine started missing on one cylinder. A quick trip to the local British car guru revealed the possibility of a broken ring in number 4 cyclinder. The guru gapped the plug for lower CHP combustion and advised to go easy on her if you want to drive it till you can get to pulling the head.

So now what?

The guru said he could do the job but not until late fall and advised me to keep the engine in the car as my garage is currently full of wood working equipment. And i haven't gotten to arranging storage over the winter.

So fast forward to today. I'm telling this story to my neighbor who is one of my closest friends, who also has a 2 bay shop that he and his 2 employees work out of. He's is a hell of a guy and had my car on one of his hoists for almost 2 weeks while i played mechanic with the car. I kept asking him when he wanted the car out of there and he just kept saying when your done don't worry about it. Again great guy.

So after telling him the story he says...Next month bring the car in after the weather turns and we'll pull the engine one night after hours. We'll put the car in the shed (built for the previous owners Model T) store the car there and you and i will rebuild the engine putting in one night a week for a couple of months. We'll strip it right down check everything have it bored if need be and do this the right way once. Clean it all up paint the block get rid of all the rust proof tar and make this baby shine.

His words....I almost fell over i was so happy.

I still cant believe it. I would never ask him to do this as he is always giving of his time. And i insist that he charge me full shop rate all the time. But i know that he doesn't.

So, the TR is getting a full engine overhaul. I feel so fortunate to have people in my life like this.

Incidently i do pay it forward with his 17 year old son who is on his way to a very promising jazz music career. I have given him some of my equipment that i don't need. How many guitars does a guy need anyway?



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