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Holley Sniper EFI kit on a Stag

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bergxu Avatar
bergxu Aaron Greenberg
Cincinnati, OH, USA   USA

Wanted to pop over from the TR6 forum as I've recently purchased a '73 Stag in very nice shape and was curious about dumping the Holley 390 carb that the car is presently running in favor of one of the new Holley Sniper EFI kits. They look pretty slick in that they bolt directly in place of a 4bbl carb and have a wide array of computer controlled on-board tuning parameters. From what I've read, the guys at Hot Rod Magazine et al seem to love it and it seems to be pretty straightforward to install and should sit right on the same baseplate that the Holley 390 is on. FWIW, my car is running its original engine, albeit rebuilt and punched to 0.060" over but it runs very nicely and did a 250 mile drive home to Cincinnati without issue although after you shut it down and let it sit for more than 10-15 mins it does seem to vapor lock pretty badly which the prior owner did advise me of. My other option was going to be a Weber kit from Stag Weber in the UK but the solution of EFI sounds mighty tempting and at around $1,000 USD is not bad at all to have peace of mind that the car will start, idle and accelerate well, 100% of the time. Interested in everyone's thoughts before I pull the trigger!


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sujitroy Avatar
sujitroy Sujit Roy
Cupertino, CA, USA   USA
Sounds interesting, but not sure if the manifold is ideal for an efi setup. Interestign that your getting a vapor lock with the holley. I thought only the original ZS did that.

'71 Stag

fatsoula Philip M
Monroe, NC, USA   USA

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