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Have come up and now fitted a Surrey Top for our 72 Mk2 Stag,that can be used when driven.

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Robin Stag Silver Member Robin Searle
Brechin, ON, Canada   CAN
I have owned our Stag for 5 years and had purchased a BosScreen rear window and a tonneau to cover the rear seats, then a year later a Top Hat as we call it for over the cab,that can be used for overnight parking, or at a show with threatening rain on the horizon. It just fastens to the front header rail using studs, as well as to the rear roll bar,but could not be used when being driven,which "disappointed my wife!!

She asked me to adapt it to enable us to drive with it on, especially when hot sun directly overhead. I gave it much thought, and whilst I could not adapt our Top Hat, I came up with a way to "keep her happy" by using a fibre glass header rail and a few ideas of mine.

It may be of interest to some other Stag owners, as it is very easy,to both quickly fit on and store when not in use,does not replace the full soft top which was never my intention,but does give greater visibility when driving, out of the rear BosScreen window [or other suppliers].

As I have said I am not interested into making and supplying, but if anyone needs help will assist with advice and tips.

Remember 'happy wife makes an even happier husband'


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My Surrey Top for the Stag..docx.docx.pdf    1.74 MB
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Robin Stag Silver Member Robin Searle
Brechin, ON, Canada   CAN
Just reporting on my Surrey top modification and how it worked on a 2,602 mile drive circumnavigating Lake Superior. Toronto around Superior and return back to Toronto. This was its first big test and it worked extremely well, especially when we had a sudden down pour and my new top was up and fitted in less than 2 minutes.We had three Stags out of the 20 Triumphs and the other 19 got really wet, so there were many questions from the other two Stag owners and could it be made to work on other TRs? Not so sure about that but with the roof/roll bar set up on the Stag as well as having a rear window unit it worked perfectly and the bonus for me was that my wife was happy.

The Stag behaved herself all the way around but unfortunately in Michigan a Deer ran out of the long grass from my right and suddenly bang,we were OK but not the Deer, one minor bend of the lower fender lip to clear my LHS Tyre and we were back on our way.A friend who owns a TR4A had a fan belt issue and as a spare he bought with him a replacement belt that clicks together usually used on electric motors got him up and running lasting 600 miles. On a TR4A with the long nose for the fan pulley to replace the fan necessitates the jacking up of the front of the engine to allow the replacement fan to slide between the pulley and the cross member that is less than 1/2 inch below it, which he did later on in our trip using a spare belt from a TR3A owner. Ironically John had coordinated commonly used parts on several models of TRs so we started off with 20 TRs and returned back with all 20 TRs and being able to fix three car problems on the way using these spares.

This belt fix is available in Canada from a wood working tool company here in Canada called Lee Valley [ ] and for most of us the first time that we had seen it used on a it comes in a long length and you un-clip it to the correct length required. The Toronto Triumph Club's motto is to Preserve and Drive Triumph Cars and on this 11 day 2,602 mile trip of a lifetime for most of us we did just that, the most reliable of all the models were the three TR3s a 58,59 and a 60 model.

Thought that a follow up may interest many.


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65or66 Gold Member Jim B
Lake village, IN, USA   USA
1965 Triumph Spitfire MkII
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Jusanudda Munny Pit"
unfortunate for your Stag, and for the doe. It is that time of year in the upper Midwest USA. At least you were ok.

I use that type link belt on my table saw, but never thought of keeping one on hand for the Spit. I know what I'll be ordering next.

Can get them from Woodcraft in the USA, and I'm sure other woodworking supply houses.

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YankeeTR5 Dan M
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
I believe The Roadster Factory used to sell those belts just for the purpose it served. May still....its been awhile.

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