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Assembling 2500 Engine For The First Time....

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DanParkinson Avatar
DanParkinson Dan P
Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK   GBR
Hi Everyone,

I've had my triumph 2500 engine re-bored, and the crank re-ground. I have purchased new pistons and rings, and I will purchase new big end bearings when I know what size the crank has been ground to. I may possibly buy a new cam, in which case I will buy new followers also. I will order a new duplex timing chain kit at the weekend, and also some assemble lube. Not sure yet weather to buy a new oil pump or not, I need to inspect the old one.

Is there anything else anyone can think that I will need to buy ready for assembly? Are there any special tools that will be required such as a micrometer?

This is my first time assembling an engine block, so Id appreciate any guidance, or tips anyone can offer, as id like to get it right and not cause any damage as this rebuild has cost me over a months pay.... And before anyone tell me to take it to someone who knows exactly what they are doing, I would rather wreck it doing the best I can myself than get someone else to sort it - If I don't ever have a go, ill never be able to do it.

Thanks in advance,

(Ill post this in the spitfire forum also as thats where most of my threads are, and the engine will be going into a spitfire)

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franglais 73 Ian Bromehead
Chambery, Savoie, France   FRA
Wow, doing the inners is an exciting prospect, don't envy the budget though.
It would seem a great shame to do major surgery and not replace key things like oil pump which is wearing itself out every rev.

Still you should listen to the experts more than I, and for sure they made things to last longer than today's designed to fail stuff.
It'd great to hear how you get on, as I have just acquired this lady after she slpt for 24yrs. No idea if she's ready to speed again, I might have to follow in your footsteps

How are parts in the Americas? Over here in France, everyone buys from UK shops and some parts seem to be dwindling fast


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Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
Buy some standard AND oversized thrust bearings, as you will not know what you will need until you assemble the engine.
A dial micrometer and magnetic base can be very handy to find the 'true' TDC and also to check cam possition and lift when installing the cam.

Remember to check the piston ring end gap on all the rings by inserting them in their respective cyls, before fitting to the pistons.

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