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Ah that could be a cause!!!!

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Ah that could be a cause!!!!
  This topic is about my 1976 Triumph Stag
ozkippy Michael Kip
Emerald, Victoria, Australia   AUS
1976 Triumph Stag "Staglet"
1978 Triumph TR7 "Yellow Wedge"
1979 Triumph TR7
Some time ago my Stag sort of backfired / ran on a touch then commenced running like a chaff cutter.
I did a compression check and had 180 psi in 7 cylinders and 0 in one of them. Ooopps , he says, that doesn't sound really good so I did a leak down test to see what the problem was. Strangely the air was escaping on the inlet valve so I was thinking perhaps a badly burn't valve or, woe is me and just my luck, perhaps a lobe off the camshaft. !!!!!!! All moderately reasonable thoughts which is why I put Staglet under cover and hoped a cure would miraculously occur . winking smiley. Yeah right!!!
Saved up for some modified heads with larger valves and a bit of a port and polish because I am nothing if not impulsive .
Dropped the car off last week with express instruction for my mechanic guys to do Staglet at their convenience, which is generally a recipe for taking another 6 months, but joy oh joy new heads are on and I can pick her up tomorrow. I was curious to see what the problem was and it seems an inlet valve seat came totally dislodged as per the photo. Oh well shit happens as they say.
Incidentally the engine is the Aussie P76 4.4 litre version of a Rover 3.5. Just stroked till its a square engine. Noice!!!!!!!!!


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65or66 Gold Member Jim B
Lake village, IN, USA   USA
1965 Triumph Spitfire MkII
1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Jusanudda Munny Pit"
Good to know it was a quick job at the shop, and you're back on the road. I hate when those seats drop out like that. they almost never go back in the same spot on their owneye rolling smiley

Are the parts for that stroked Rover easily available? A friend keeps taunting me with a 3.5.

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