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Universal joint help needed

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sujitroy Avatar
sujitroy Sujit Roy
Cupertino, CA, USA   USA
I’ve been fortunate enough to source myself a pair of half shafts from a Triumph 2000. These apparently fit a Triumph Stag which I have. The shafts come with replicable universal joints, unlike the staked type currently on my Stag.
I can get two types of joint GUJ102 without zirk / grease nipple or GUJ107 with zirk / grease nipple. 2 are required per side. The problem with GUJ107 is once fitted to the car there is no way to get to the zirk closet to the hub as it is enclosed by the radius arm. I’m aware TR6s have a similar setup.
So should I get 4 no-zirked type and fit once and forget, or buy the zirked type and periodically, which means never in my case, re- grease by removing the shaft?
Do the zirked type really need pumping with grease once in a while?
Also, doing a cross reference to other part numbers of the zirked type , prices vary from $11 to $25 Any recommendations on brand I found the ones below.
I also found a cross reference to GMB

GUJ107 cross references these following parts
Factory Number
ACDelco 45U0168
BECK/ARNLEY 102-0031
BECK/ARNLEY 102-0106
REO 55P1

CARRARO 107625
JENSEN 94425

Regards, Sujit

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Robin Stag Silver Member Robin Searle
Brechin, ON, Canada   CAN
Hi Sujit,
Lay under the car with it up on Jack stands then line up the grease nipple so that it is right at the 6 oclock bottom position ,measure the approx distance from the nipple to the outer hub [if still not fitted then measure the exact distance] drill a small hole through the radius arm,then poke through a stiff wire,then looking down the radius arm from inside see if it lines up and is close to the nipple, and it should be. Measure across the width of your grease gun end then add 3/8 inch, then re-drill the hole already made to that size, repeat for the other side.
How do I know this??? I did exactly this last fall when I replaced all four universals, 2 inner and 2 outers, and I went one stage further I fitted a grease nipple to the inner yokes where the two parts slide in together, just to make all 150% grease-able.

Ontario Canada

Stagman 73 Avatar
Stagman 73 Colin M
Epping, NH, USA   USA
Or; You could give the guys at Goodparts a call and order the upgraded axles which use CV joints insteaed of UJ's, eliminating the need to perform periodic greasing. These items are superbly engineered and are, frankly, too pretty to be hidden underneath any car.
While you're at it, uprade your trailing arm studs using the drilling jig and Keensert inserts available from Patton Machine.
I'm half-way through the upgrade and so far no issues. Do it once and never give your driveshafts another thought.

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sujitroy Avatar
sujitroy Sujit Roy
Cupertino, CA, USA   USA
Thanks for the link.

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